60 thoughts on “Question of the Day: No. 525

  1. Laughter, baby: laughter. Make me laugh, and I am grateful forever, and gratitude also helps.
    Are you doing Ok? I don’t know if I’m any good at jokes though, if you need one. I mean, I told a chemist friend a joke today, and there was no reaction.


  2. My children. They remind me that all the hurt in the world is worth living through, because at the end of the day there is still goodness, innocence and love in the world.

    1. And you can’t get any better than that! I feel the same way, although since I live alone talking to my family at the end of the day and a goodnight / good morning call from my boyfriend who lives in Italy reminds me what’s important in life—love❤️

  3. Of course babies. Innocence and mischiefs keep us occupied when they are around. A hug from loved one, i feed pigeons and every day when it lands on my hand it takes me into different dimension. Interaction with nature’s children are the only healers.

    1. Nature is a huge one for me too. I feel like I can connect to my roots and remember what’s really important in life for me 🌲❤️ thank you for sharing! 🐦

    1. There’s nothing like a dance session to relieve some stress! I’ve really been enjoying some 5 minute dancing breaks while working from home this pandemic 🙂

  4. Forgiveness.. I’d rather have peace than hold on to an offense. It is said unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. We must forgive no matter how hard it is! we must first ask for forgiveness from God for holding on to the offense and forgive the people in our lives. We were forgiven a much greater debt by Jesus than anyone could do to us, so we must forgive or God won’t forgive us!

  5. Feeling loved and appreciated. I love to give gifts, and although I’m not big on getting them, I love to hear when a gift or card or whatever has touched someone”s heart or made them smile or whatever.

  6. When I see my loved ones happy or when I listen to Charlie Puth songs, or do any of my hobbies without any interruption and all…..

    That heals my heart….

    Nice post by the way

  7. What heals my heart?
    Well, the love we get from our family. Even in a quarrel, they see to it we don’t get hurt. Every debate ends with a conflict but we love each other anyway, the respect doesn’t alter. This is the power of family. The power of love. Living with my family heals my heart.<3

  8. A grand question. Prayer heals my heart, and conversation with people I trust. Sometimes peaceful, honest music does the trick, and then there’s writing without inhibition.

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