How to become a positive thinker [Step by Step Guide]

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Are you mentally down or anxious about your future? Or filled with negativity? This post includes the exact way to become a positive thinker to bring the positivity to your life.

Majority of the people have no confidence in what they are doing. They just always think about the negativity. For an example, assume a person tries to start a business. If he hasn’t enough confidence, he will not succeed. If he is always with negative thoughts like can I continue the business from now on? Is this a suitable career for me? Can I manage the time with the other things? Can I make my family happy with this business work?

I must say if he has made the decision to start the business, he has to be positive about it. He has to manage the other things with his work.

This is only a single example of who is a positive thinker.


Positive thinking starts with day to day habits that we are performing. So let’s talk about the habits that you can change to be a positive thinker. After changing our habits, it automatically makes you think different.

So take a look at these positive habits.

12 habits that can make you a positive thinker

The first habit you need to bring to t your life is very easy.

#1 Be happy about what you have

First of all, you have to see the things you have and happy about it.

Negative people think that they do not have anything, they are not good at anything. But the most important fact is everybody is good at something which can be developed and make your life a good one.

Have you heard about Nicholas James Vujicic, who is a motivational speaker and an Australian preacher? He has no legs and arms. But still, he manages to win is life. All he has is the speaking ability. He has seen his talent and developed his talent.

He is one of the best examples of a positive thinker.

So think about what you have with you. Do not complain about what you don’t have. Capitalize on the things which you are good at and be positive about them.

No what can stop you if you are a positive thinker.

#2 Visualize what you need, like actually you have it

This is a powerful habit which can make you a positive thinker. There is a concept called “Law of Attraction”. It is a whole new topic which we can talk about later. In a nutshell, if you have negative thoughts, negative energy will be attracted to you and if you are positive, you will have positive energy with you.

This is something that you can get help from to bring anything to your life. If you need positive things in your life, you have to think positively.

Let’s understand it from an example. Assume that you need to buy a new car. You have to imagine that you already have the car and how happy you are. That creates the positive energy. That helps you to attract the positive energy from the universe.

You have to practice this habit and then you will feel the difference.

#3 Read books which can inspire you

This habit makes you intelligent and also it can motivate you. You can read a biography of a well-known person and learn how they managed to stay positive all the time.


I am sure everybody knows about Jack Ma who is a co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group. He has got rejected from almost every job interview that he went. But still, he managed to take himself to richest entrepreneurs in the world.

“Jack Ma: A Biography of the Alibaba Billionaire” is his life story book and read it. You can learn a lot from these characters.

And also you can read about positive thinking. These are some books that you can read.

  • The Alchemist
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • As a Man Thinketh
  • Psycho-cybernetics

#4 Associate positive people

You don’t have to think twice, you must associate positive people if you want to become a positive thinker. Tae look at the following quote,

“Stay away from the negative people, they have a problem for every solution” – Lord Buddha

Negative people pull you down. They have negative energy always around them. If you are with them you will feel negative energy.

We do not need any examples. Imagine you are with a person like Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of Amazon. You think about the result of being around him. I do not need to explain. Associate positive thinkers in your life. That will make a huge difference.

#5 Place motivational quotes around you

This will take your life to a whole different level. Take some of the motivational quotes which are said by popular personalities in the world and paste them on the wall of your bedroom. Then you will see these quotes every day when you are in the bedroom.

This will make the ideas of the quotes go into your subconscious mind. You can fill your subconscious mind with the positive quotes and then after a week or so, you will feel a difference in your thinking pattern.

You may think this is a stupid idea. But I also thought the same way in the beginning. Now I know how it affected my mind and my life so far.

#6 See the bright side

This is one of the key characteristics of a positive thinker.


Imagine, there is a half-filled glass of water on a table. A negative thinker always concentrates on the empty half. But a positive thinker always sees the water he has, even though the glass is half filled.

This is where the majority of people fail. If something bad happens, they just give up their dreams. They do not see the opportunities which can be concentrated to not to fail again.

Every failure is a lesson for success. So do not give up! Learn from it and stay positive and reach your dreams.

#7 Get help from meditation

This is a powerful habit that you can concentrate because it helps you to control your mind. There are lots of meditation methods that you can try to take control of your thoughts.

  • Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation

These two methods are suitable for beginners who are willing to be a positive thinker.

After practicing these methods you can track your thoughts whether they are positive or negative. So you can get rid of any negative thoughts. In the beginning, you won’t be able to see the results. But you will feel the difference with the practice.

#8 Focus on your thoughts

This is a very special habit that you have to practice every single day. This is also can be called as awareness.


For example, Assume that you are a university student and you have successfully completed an exam today. And also you have to submit a report on tomorrow. Imagine how will you behave? I am 100% sure that you will be stressed about tomorrow’s report.

So what would be the correct way to go in these kind of situations where you need positive thinking.

What you have to do is, look what you have done and be confident about yourself complete the report. Do not think like will I be able to complete the report on time? Keep faith in yourself in any situation.

#9 Do not forget negative things

Majority of the people believes that a positive thinker only thinks about positive things. But that is not true.

Assume you have a business and you have a bad in sales because of the failure of a supplier. So this incident can be taken as a negative thing to the business. But what if you forget this particular incident because it is not positive?

So learn from negative failures. You can’t let that go because it is negative. A positive thinker always tries to learn from his failures. So in this scenario, you have to maintain a stock for your business to use when there is unavailability in suppliers.

#10 Capitalize on positivity

You have to enhance the positivity that you have, in order to achieve bigger targets.

For example, assume you win a lottery and you do not know how to manage the money you have. You will be broken again in no time at all. It does not matter how much money you win. This is where you need to be very careful. Positive thinkers always try to achieve bigger targets. So you can use this money to invest in something or use that money to start a business.

People who do not know how to capitalize on positivity always lose.

#11 Talk positive to yourself


Every one of you has heard of Lionel Messi. He is one of the best soccer players in the world right now and ever was. His mother was a cleaner and father was a steelworker.

At the age of 11, doctors said that messy was having Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD). But the important thing is he kept believe in himself. He talked himself in a positive way. Look where is he now. Read his biography to get an inspiration. He is now a best paid athletes in the world.

Do not let down yourself. Talk positive to yourself!!!

#12 Positive thinker smiles always

Smiling can generate healthy hormones and they can make you feel more positive.

Do not get this wrong. I am not saying that smile always like you have a mental disorder. Have a pleasant and nice smile always when you meet people. Think about this. What kind of a person do you like to meet? A person with a pleasant smile or a person does not smile at all.

So smiling can attract positive people to you. That makes you feel positive. As a result of being around positive people, you start to think positive.

So these are the 12 habits that you can bring to your life to become a positive thinker. Do not forget to comment below your idea of this post and subscribe to get posts like this.


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