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Avoiding Stress during the Coming Winter Holidays

The first thing that makes me stressed about the coming winter holidays is how you name it. It makes me stressed for nothing, as during Christmas’ holidays there are many more causes of stress than how you call it! For years in Europe we have been debating on the politically correctness of how we call Christmas Holidays. Apparently, calling them like that is not respectful … Continue reading Avoiding Stress during the Coming Winter Holidays

How open are you to new ideas?

Changes are hard, especially the drastic ones. For example, if you’re used with a certain lifestyle, it will be very hard for you to change it. You’ll feel some holdback from your body simply because it gets you out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean that you’ll reject all new ideas, but I bet your mind will start to see the negative parts first, … Continue reading How open are you to new ideas?

How to become a positive thinker [Step by Step Guide]

Provided by Jacob Williams from FACELIFEBOOK Are you mentally down or anxious about your future? Or filled with negativity? This post includes the exact way to become a positive thinker to bring the positivity to your life. Majority of the people have no confidence in what they are doing. They just always think about the negativity. For an example, assume a person tries to start … Continue reading How to become a positive thinker [Step by Step Guide]

Your Emotions are in Your Way

   A severe negative emotion interferes with the way we see our future. It can be so bad that we forget emotions are temporary and in those moments, we strongly believe that we’ll be in that state the rest of our lives. How stupid does that sound? And still, it’s very true.    Having a depression is the clearest example. Actually, one of the reasons … Continue reading Your Emotions are in Your Way

Successful People – Will Smith

   Will Smith is an American producer, rapper, comedian, songwriter and my favourite actor of all times. I find him successful for the mindset and the work ethics he has, not necessarily for the income he has, although it is an indication for the first two.    In a negative world, it is awesome to be a positive beacon that guides you, me and all … Continue reading Successful People – Will Smith