Why Crying Like A Little Girl Is The Manliest Thing You Can Do

Provided by AP from Clear Air Turbulence Why is it always said, he cried like a little girl? We never say, she cried like a little boy, do we? For that matter, we never say she cried like a little girl either. Of course I’m forgetting that’s because it’s acceptable for girls to cry! Silly me. It’s just boys who don’t cry! Except that’s not … Continue reading Why Crying Like A Little Girl Is The Manliest Thing You Can Do

Why giving up doesn’t work

Provided by Bobbie Herron from Aloft with Inspiration A few weeks ago I posted a piece called “Final Chapter…” At the time I had every reason to believe that I would need to discontinue my blog, sketching, teaching art, reading for pleasure…all the activities that had given meaning to my life thusfar, all because of a sudden spike in progressive blindness. I reached out to … Continue reading Why giving up doesn’t work

Don’t Be Sorry. Apologize and Grow Stronger

Provided by Evan from Mind Power Grow I’ll admit it. This is something that I did for a long time and let me tell you – it’s a bad habit. When I was younger, I was very non-confrontational. I was the type of kid who thought that everything could be resolved without conflict. I learned that if you just said sorry and moved on with … Continue reading Don’t Be Sorry. Apologize and Grow Stronger

Dissatisfaction: A User’s Guide

Provided by Marushka from Skeleton At The Feast There are many good arguments on behalf of contentment. I am in fact completely in favor of contentment, so if you find yourself at peace with your life please don’t read any further – because today I make the case for a creature called Dissatisfaction. What is this beast? I often catch it prowling around my thoughts. It … Continue reading Dissatisfaction: A User’s Guide

How Is Sustainability An Ethical Decision?

Provided by Sarah Cole from PURC The Principle Of Sustainability: There are numerous definitions of sustainability. Like, the ‘entropy principle’ of sustainability states that life on Earth should not use more energy each day than is supplied by the Sun every single day. Herman Daly proposed these three principles of sustainability: non-renewable resources should not be depleted at rates higher than the development rate of … Continue reading How Is Sustainability An Ethical Decision?

On Choosing Happiness

Provided by Anthony Garner from https://zenothestoic.com/ I believe on any number of counts, including personal experience, that we have the power to choose to be happy but that the road is not altogether straightforward. Our philosopher friends would tell us that happiness is a “quale” – one of a number of different “qualia” which we humans can experience. Qualia are subjective conscious experiences and other examples include … Continue reading On Choosing Happiness

I’ve Studied Abroad 3 Times & I’ve Learned Nothing

Provided by ellieejay My first international class in Guatemala, followed by a semester in London, then a semester in Granada… and what do I have to say for myself? I’ve learned nothing. Contrary to popular belief and folktales told by previous students who have studied internationally, living abroad for 5 months does not make you a world expert or even a world traveler. Needless to … Continue reading I’ve Studied Abroad 3 Times & I’ve Learned Nothing

Philosophy: an art of living

Provided by Cleveland Philosophic Advisor As this is my first guest post for Pointless Overthinking, it seemed appropriate to talk about philosophy as a way of living. It’s such an interesting idea, and although it differs from how one (usually) hears philosophy discussed today, I’ve noticed the idea (1) in the ancient period of Western philosophy, (2) in the philosophical dimensions of Buddhism, and (3) … Continue reading Philosophy: an art of living

Empathic Cross Wires During A Manic State

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from Scherezade’s Labyrinth *trigger warning: mental health will be discussed not as judgment against the sufferer but as observation of the caretaker* Last night was rough. Really rough; so rough in fact that I still feel it the next day as I’m writing this post. Actually, last night as I was enduring, I was writing it in my head My job was to sit. … Continue reading Empathic Cross Wires During A Manic State

SnapDragon Speaks: On Anxiety

Written by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved. Copyright 2019. My name is SnapDragon, and I have anxiety. (Hi, SnapDragon.) It sucks. But it’s true. The first time I realized the out-of-body, paranoid nervousness I felt was anxiety, was roughly seven years ago. It happened while I was teaching my high school English classes. It was awful. For no particular reason—in fact, it had been a … Continue reading SnapDragon Speaks: On Anxiety

Moving Slowly in a Fast World

Provided by WTG from Walk the Goats The world feels fast: fast food, high-speed trains, supersonic planes. Tech companies move fast and break things. People want things now, resulting in instant Jell-O, instant messaging and Instant Pot. I’m slow. I read slowly, write slowly, learn slowly. I’m thorough; detail-oriented. This fault-line between my slow-motion style and the world’s fast-motion expectations sometimes leaves me feeling deficient, concerned I lack … Continue reading Moving Slowly in a Fast World

Is That All We Really Had To Say?!

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from Scherezade’s Labyrinth Being an introvert in the corporate workplace is hard, hell, it’s a feat, exhausting, daunting, cumbersome, all of the effing above yet we gotta work to make ends meet or at least make them, period. Hence, we introverts go out into the working world with plastered on smiles, fake idle conversation, and constant eye contact to give the illusion we are … Continue reading Is That All We Really Had To Say?!

SnapDragon Speaks: On Authenticity

Written by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved. Copyright 2019.  Hello, love. I’m SnapDragon. You don’t have to be around me for very long to realize that above all else, I value authenticity. I also have a pretty keen radar for fakeness. People may say the “right” things, but the proof is in the pudding, friends. What I mean is you see the real person through … Continue reading SnapDragon Speaks: On Authenticity

Apologies, How Many Of Us Had One?

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from Scherezade’s Labyrinth Property of Scherezade Ozwulo How many of us had a true apology? How did you feel after? Was it worth the energy of the offender to offer? Reading one of those damned “Dear…” letters, a letter writer wrote about petty passive aggression within the confines of four walls aka roomie drama; instead of being neutral, the LW (letter writer) chose sides, … Continue reading Apologies, How Many Of Us Had One?

How much would our lives change if we said yes to everything for one month?

Provided by Natasha from HearAndSeek.blog Introduction You’re off on a date with your neighbor, after a quick session of rock climbing at the local activity center ahead of your marathon you agreed to run at the end of this week with your sister. Does this sound like a fun life or what? So how come we aren’t living it?  We spend so much of our time complaining about … Continue reading How much would our lives change if we said yes to everything for one month?

Therapy Post: Insecure

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from Scherezade’s Labyrinth Insecure is not the word I want to use, yet it is the word that had affected me yesterday. As much as I get those “no effs given” days, seems equal parts insecure days arrive to level the playing field. If that’s what is happening 🙄 I guess sometimes a little insecurity is needed to create balance within a person. … Continue reading Therapy Post: Insecure


Provided by Madhvi from madhviledwani What you understand by self-care, is to maintain your cleanness or does is sound like to have a good manicure/ pedicure or blah blah. Self-care is not reflected by all these things, it justify that you must have a sound mind. It reflects you are healthy enough that your mind protects any unauthorized thoughts coming to your mind. How many times it … Continue reading SELF CARE ISN’T SELFISH!

Is Your Empathy Your Weakness Or Your Strength?

Provided by Dr. Ramya from Self Life Hacks There are various personalities around us and one of the most beautiful personalities is “The-helping personality”. These people can feel the pain of others and their distress, take a responsibility for the welfare of others and act to help them and keep them happy. If these characters match with yours then you are probably the empathetic personality or helping … Continue reading Is Your Empathy Your Weakness Or Your Strength?