Dreams aren’t enough. What else is required?

dreams are not enough
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

I know I keep rambling about dreams, goals, path and passion, without which we wouldn’t be anywhere. One can work hard, but without dreams that person would get no where because he/she wouldn’t know where to get.

“You’ll never reach a destination if you haven’t set it first.” – Me

Okay, we established we need dreams so we can work upon them; otherwise, we work for other people’s dreams. Also, working hard, by itself, cannot get us anywhere if we don’t know where we want to go. Sure, we’ll get skills and maybe we’ll make some money along the way, but is that enough to be fulfilled?

Honestly, I think the two are connected and required for creating a path. The dream is the one that gets you out of bed in the morning, whilst the work is what pushes you further. The dream gets you through the day, whilst the work is what makes that day productive. The dream gives you ideas and the work makes them real. The two are as connected as salt and pepper. By the way, have you ever bought only a salt recipient or a pepper one? I haven’t, because they come in pairs.

So yeah, hard work is required to get somewhere, but only with a dream, that somewhere becomes there (of course, unless your goal and dream is to work hard). If you don’t have a dream, don’t worry. Think about what you enjoy doing and work hard on that. Opportunities can arise from the most unexpected places.

How does hard work look like for you (btw, you can work hard as being the best parent; it’s not necessarily related to career)?

13 thoughts on “Dreams aren’t enough. What else is required?

  1. I don’t like hard work. I don’t think it’s a great trait nor a worthy pursuit for the simple reason that we are not machines …… we have the uncomfortable habit of developing opinions, moods and generate sticky emotions (shudder)

    Consistency on the other hand is extremely telling ….. because actions are really emotions in motion. When we are lined up with a purpose that energises us, that defines us, that doesn’t take away from the essence of who we are, consistency “magically” shows up. And the result is a joyful, uplifted person.

    Have u noticed that hard-work makes people self-righteous and hard? Is that what we came into this world to do …. bridle our unique selves till we succumb to working hard? And then what? Death?
    Fuck hard-work

    I wake up with just enough energy to stay productive for a maximum of 16 hours …. then I need to sleep and recharge or I’ll develop a mental illness or die
    That’s how frail we all are
    And let’s not forget that we will all be forgotten once we’re dead …. because life will go on

    If that doesn’t make us want to explore what it is that we want to do consistently that makes us excited to be alive, I don’t know what will 😊

    1. I’m not sure if we will all be forgotten after we’re dead. Think about Einstein. Is he forgotten? I think that as long as we change lives, we won’t be easily forgotten. Of course, that can be a good thing or a bad thing… It’s all about perspective.

      1. I genuinely like the idea of being forgotten after I’m dead. I also love the freedom of not having one single idea of what happens afterwards 😊
        This has been healthy for me and I have to thank a wonderful atheist friend for helping me shed a burden I carried all my life 😊

  2. I think that there’s a tremendous amount to be said for hard work; but it looks different for different people. My sister has had terrible asthma her entire life – through incredibly hard work and planning and efforts, she’s running marathons, doing long distance trail running and triathlons. Realistically, she could die doing that – but her hard work, including listening to her body – has her traveling, making new friends and being in her happiest place. I will never put in that kind of work to be “fit” or to travel or interact with people.

    OTOH; she’s never had to cope with her brain going into self harm mode. My hard work with therapy, finding the right medications and dosages and habits is different from hers – and it’s why I’m able to write this out today. My daily habits and those of other people are going to be different, but I feel that there is a similar goal of having a “better” life, however that’s defined.

    1. This comment is so powerful! You literally show how hard work can change our life! Yes, it’s a different kind of hard work, but it’s still hard work 🙂

  3. If person wants dream to get closer he/she need to work constantly without excuses. Anyway I disagree with the dream setting. I don’t have a dream, I just have a goal that doesn’t mean it’s my dream. So I don’t have a dream but I know where to go and where is the road to success. It doesn’t mean that it is my dream though. It doesn’t matter if it is dream, the finishing point it is matter. When person reach that he/she setting new point. Hard work is everywhere. No hard work, no action nothing will work so far. 😊

  4. Not important here, but yes, I have bought just a pepper grinder. No salt.
    But to address your point, I think there are many people that have the dream, see the vision, and do nothing. Then they wonder why it did not come to fruition. To achieve the dream, to get to the destination, work is required. You have to do something.

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