Talent vs Hard Work

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

When we look at someone successful, it’s most likely to consider one of the two to be dominant for that person. We think either that person is talented (for example, sport dudes or dudettes) or we consider that the person worked hard to get there (for example, the owners of the big corporations). But is there one of the two more important or more impactful (with the mention that when I refer to talent, I mean skills or aptitudes with which the individual is born with. Talent is more like an inclination towards something)?

Talent makes improvement easier

Everything requires work, but not the same degree of work. The classical example here is between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. It is considered that Messi was born to be a football player, so he has talent by his side, while Cristiano Ronaldo has to work harder to stay on top. Of course, I’m not saying that Messi didn’t work to be at that amazing level, but thanks to his talent, he didn’t need to work that hard to develop his skills, while Ronaldo had to put in more work.

If we put side by side a talented person and a hard working person, the talented person will be better if the amount of work they both put in is equal. Yes, the hard working person can get to the same level, but it requires some extra work to compensate for the lack of talent.

Now why I’m telling you this? It’s because if we find out which is our natural talent, than it will be better for us to work with that because we can get on top easier compared to those who are not that talented. This might be one of the paths that can take us far in life. Talent combined with hard work is like driving with nitro.

I’m not underestimating the work or overestimating the talent, the combination between the two is the important part. Someone with talent that doesn’t put in the work, won’t get even near someone who works like crazy.

Let’s have a look at what we’re talented so we can harvest that. Sure, it depends on the talent too. If you’re talented at balancing a spoon on your nose, it might not do so much difference in your life.

Which talents do you have?

36 thoughts on “Talent vs Hard Work

  1. Due mostly to the fact that I have no visual thinking or imagination, I have an amazing memory, especially for conversations.

    I also have the ability to find small problems before they become big problems before they become small problems.

    Both of these were not things I noticed about myself, but things others noticed about me. They make me quite successful honestly.

      1. How about this, what if I don’t have the skills or ambition to promote or circulate my interest in order to get results? People don’t say either way. I assume that means my hobby is strictly therapeutic.

      2. Okay, then what’s the purpose of thinking you’re talented? If the results are strictly therapeutic and you’re happy with that, those are great results.

      3. To tell you the truth, I was using blogging to test the waters with my writing. No matter how hard I tried, the response was so poor, that I’m giving up. I’m glad I tried though, otherwise I would have always wondered.

  2. This is a great thought. I’m talented a writing. I just have a way with words especially through writing, and I probably could have been further along with my talent if I would have just stuck to it but now I’m back doing what I’m talented at and what I’m passionate abt.

      1. I know only one definition of passion yet it holds the key it ensures the hard work and it will push you to develop the lack of talent through sure unyielding repetition because of the passion behind whatever it is.

  3. True 👏
    If we are passionate about what we are doing then it is not hard work any more. It become labour of love. Maybe talent and passion go together?

  4. This is a brilliant piece . I just finished writing a blog post which would be published soon about vision . it’s relative with what you just said about talent and hardworking . its easier to work hard when you have the talent ,this is why we should all know what works for us and what we truly want . we should paint our vision so we do not fall for everything . with our talent we would work hard into bringing that into reality. Every hardworking person has a talent or passion that drives him of her to work hard . thanks for sharing

    1. Oh and I forgot to add my talent. I’ve been told many times that I am a good encourager. Doesn’t bring any monetary benefits though but I can help lift up someone’s spirit.

  5. I tend to agree with your assessment. Through some very hard work I’ve developed a few good talents. Hard work is something that has allowed me to compete and stay employed while many my age have not, especially in my industry. I guess one natural talent I have is good intuition and attention to detail. I’m fairly good at communications also. One thing I think you left out is a dogged attitude and never give up approach.

  6. Talent without hard work is nothing. No matter how talented you are, if you never practice or do something on it, you won’t succeed. I often hear from others that I have talent in some artistic things, like writing, singing and drawing (honestly, sometimes I’m not really sure about it 😅). But, I’m more passionate in writing. So, I have to work hard to improve my writing skills. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much for reading! Yes, we need to work regardless the talent we have. If we have some, that’s awesome. If we have none, we need to work harder. there is no other way…

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