Pave Your Own Path – Video

pave your own path
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   We live in a world where there is always someone else that has what we want. Because of this, we might try to follow that person’s footsteps so we can get that thing as well. But does this fit with us? Can we consider that path to be our own? Sure, we can take parts of it, but I doubt it’s exactly the same.

   Looking up to those people that live the lives we want can have a double effect. It can either make us feel sad because we don’t live it (and depending of the own personality traits, it might even get us depressed), or it can motivate us to get there because we see it’s possible. Either way, there is something to learn from there, but we surely must not ignore the uniqueness of the situation. What we see it’s a path, not the path. Our own will be different because we are different. It is impossible for two different people to be exactly the same from a psychological point of view and because of this, each individual has its own path in this world.

   My path lead me to writing this piece of content and your path lead you to reading it. Does that mean two readers followed the same path to get here (technically, yes, it’s the same URL, but the number of clicks and the sequence of them before getting here is different and the motivation of being here is different too)?

   The parts within us that are unique and different are the ones defining our true path. Yes, we can take into consideration other people’s paths, but we need to analyze if those paths are resonating with our uniqueness. If not, we can politely decline to use the completely suggested path. We can take parts and pieces of it, but the fact that we live our life gives us the right to live it the way we want.

   How would you like your own path to be like?

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