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      1. The Church without teachings from the Bible, deep studies is only a building of people that rest on Grace only and hurt the Holy Spirit because they overuse Grace.

      2. Uou never lose Hrsce but when you are in the Holy spirit and continue to sin the sin you won’t let go of. You grieve the Holy Spirit and risk your stop feeling Him. That’s all.all that Grace gives you joy in the Holy Spirit.

  1. I don’t consider myself religious, I consider myself spiritual. I was born into a Methodist family, but attended a lot more Catholic church. Religious to me is attending church on a regular basis and praying to a certain God. I pray to all God’s and hope one will hear me and help me heal, help me answer a conundrum, help me pray for others. I married to a Catholic but I never changed.

    1. So when you say “all Gods”, you’re basically referring to a higher power, right? Regardless how that higher power is described by us, humans.

      1. Regardless what humans say, but if they believed in that, then so be it. I agree that they are man-made, but whatever gives someone hope, they can pass that on to me😊😊

  2. Not as much as it once did. It disgusts me how I see some people using and abusing it. I try to take from it the values and compassion that I feel is right from it and live it. I’m not one that goes to church on Sunday and acts another way for the rest of the week. Actually, I don’t get to church much anymore. To me, most religions have broken their trust with me.

  3. As a devout atheist, I believe that organized religion is the greatest hoax mankind has perpetuated. No offense intended.

  4. I feel it’s all about believing in yourself. If there’s a god, he lives within you and not in a human-made monument, statue or sayings.
    You are the ultimate super power or spiritual being you’re searching for. Learn to have true faith in yourself because that’s all you need.
    People are misusing religion and doing heinous crimes on such an extreme level that I don’t think anyone can truly answer what is the true meaning of religion.

    1. Who knows what the true meaning of religion really is? All we know is what other people told us. But the reasoning behind that can be different from one person to another.

  5. Religions in my opinion are the traditions people have created to worship the creator. Spirituality is what connects us to the source of life, to one another and the earth. I think each person can decide how to worship and whether or not to worship a divine being. -Rebecca

      1. That’s a good deduction, yet people take different spiritual paths, some with and some without religion. I think religion may be more like road signs than the vehicle ; ) R

  6. I am not religious in the organized sense, but as far as my personal beliefs religion means belief in something more than yourself, energy, and mind over matter.

  7. this is a GREAT question. Religion is different and very personal to each and every one of us. For me I believe in God, i believe there is a greater purpose for my soul. I grew up in a home where we were able to think and believe what we wanted based on religion. I have always known that something greater than myself exist however to this day I question to what extent. I do believe in God but do I believe in only one God? That I am still on the discovery of finding out…..

    1. This is a very interesting idea. So you believe in God as being a higher power, but you’re wondering if all that power is in only one God…

  8. Religion is something I try to avoid and believe that I don’t need religion for there are too many and only faith and devotion to God not by religion but by soul and spirit. If that makes sense.

    1. It makes total sense. So in your opinion, a religion is more related to what we humans do whilst belief in God is something that tends to be separated by religion because of the people, right?

      1. It’s not like I’m talking out of my arse here I was born Catholic, then my mom joined the he Jehovah’s witness till this day and I’ve been to Christian churches and its always one saying the other is wrong and difference of what’s right and wrong made me mad. So I stay away but I do believe there is a God and that we either go to heaven or hell but it’s still a person’s choice which way they go. I believe we are all here for a reason. What that reason is? Idk, but that’s the journey we have to take and figure out ourselves with the he guidance of God in mind. That’s just my opinion.

  9. Objectively, religion is the collective subscription to a set of beliefs which entail a way of life. Unfortunately, religion has historically been wielded as a form of oppression and an excuse for conquest. Personally, I see religion as a label to a family that gathers under a chosen unifying factor: faith.

  10. I am not sure that we all understand the same thing when asked about religion. Surely the word religion really applies to whatever faith you have accepted and follow. It’s a bit of a conundrum in a way. Jesus was Jewish and so was Paul one of his followers. Yet Paul went about preaching and at the same time inventing as it were, Christianity. Maybe it should have been called Paulianity. The gospels were written upwards of 70 years after Jesus died by people who probably did not meet or know Jesus first-hand. Mohamed was a minor war-lord who claimed to be the last prophet of God and founded his line of Islam about 625 years after Jesus had passed on. – You get the idea,
    For the atheists among us who don’t believe in any God let me point out that god does not believe in atheists!
    Cardinal Roncalli (later Pope John 23rd set the Catholic church on a path to apostacy when he convened Vatican II in 1962. Look where it is now.
    Ah well to each hi own. Have faith, have hope and above all be charitable.

    1. Yes, religion is different from one person to another and that’s the main reason to the question. To have insights about how people perceive religion. One article that refers to “religion” can impact people differently based on what religion means to them. Words have so many different reasons behind that’s almost unbelievable. Thank you for this awesome comment! 😀

  11. To me, a religion is a set of practices we do to connect with higher self.
    Everybody has a different way to do so, that’s why there are so many religions. Everyone is absolutely free to practice what connects them with divine power.

  12. Religion is a way of humans showing their need of having a being that they deem superior to them. Having a God. But the thing is, everyone says their religion is the true religion so how are we to know for sure. I see my self as a christian, not the very religious type but the spiritual, growing type. Although religion and spirituality are linked somewhat. Honestly, religion needs a lot of thinking

  13. It means that people who need it can dive deep into. For me religion means nothing at all, I don’t need a religion to be a good person. I can easily control my life and it is better to believe in myself than to someone or something I cannot see. 😊

  14. In my opinion there are two ways to look at Religion.

    1. As a theist. Theists use religion in many ways. Some use it as an excuse to be shitty toward others, while others use it as a reason to be good and kind. Some people can’t get through life without it. They like the rituals and believe in its structure as an example for structure within their own lives. Many use it as a crutch to lean on when they are in a state of despair. And some people just like the notion that their lives are somehow more significant having been created in the image of a god.

    2. As an Atheist (like me). Atheists don’t require fairy tales and a man in the sky to understand how to govern their actions. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t bad people that are atheists, which there certainly are. It means that I, like many atheists, look to the world around me and the people I respect to influence the type of person I want to be. When I’m down, I turn to those same people or look inward to find answers. When good things happen, I thank the people that helped me as well as myself for doing the work and achieving the results.

    Religion is a set of guidelines for the people that require them. But for the rest of us, our intellect and emotions should allow us to navigate the insanity of life.

  15. A terrible thing that is archaic and I honestly feel should almost be abolished but I understand the need people feel to have it. I feel in this day and age as generations continue to grow that most are smarter to realize how much grander spirituality is than one single religion can have solely correct over another.

    1. I see that people tend to concentrate more on spirituality than on religion, but it will take a while until a bigger part of humanity gets there…

  16. I don’t think of religion, its a label where I live to decide which side of the street you walk. It’s a label used as an excuse for petrol bombs, riots, pain and death. Saying that, I believe on one hand we have evil and goodness, does that mean a higher being, is it God? Maybe. Is there a devil and a hell for evil souls to be tortured? Possibly. But what I find is religion is an excuse for people to judge others, condemn them for a lifestyle they choose just because its different to what is written in a book. Religion for me causes more hate in the world. Where people find faith, hope, comfort, others find fear, despair and hatred. But everybody has their own thoughts, morals and beliefs, if we were all the same the world would be a boring place

    1. Very true! I think this is related to the need of being right. People cannot think other opinions can exist along with their own just because only one has to be right and that means the other is wrong. Very stupid idea.

  17. Well I’m an atheist so straight off, religion’s not a part of my life but I don’t begrudge others their faith, just as long as they don’t try and force it down my throat. Unfortunately with many organised religions, that’s precisely what they try to do. My motto tends to be, if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one. If you don’t like gays, don’t marry or sleep with one. If you don’t like witchcraft, atheists, Harry Potter, heavy metal, etc etc … you get my point. Not a concept God botherers seem to understand.

    1. This is based on the freedom each individual has, but those individuals must not forget that their freedom ends where others’ freedom starts. That’s it.

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