Are your priorities really priorities?

multitasking vs quick switch
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This is a sensible topic for me because I always thought I’ve set my priorities right. And it’s not that I haven’t done that, but sometimes I don’t act like it.

Here is an example: I always considered this blog is a priority for me, but today I realized I’ve spent half an hour playing some games on my phone instead of reading some of your comments and honestly, I don’t know why I did that. This made me wonder if this blog is really a priority or I want to think that way, but my behavior was a little off for the moment, which is ok.

Once a priority is really a priority, your actions should support that no matter what. Sure, it’s ok to have a break from time to time just to clear your head a little so new ideas can come, but I feel guilty when I do that. Maybe it’s my weakness or maybe it’s something normal. I always find a way to keep (most) of my promises.

The whole idea is around the fact that our overall behavior might not reflect what we say. If 80% of the time we concentrate on anything else than those priorities, are they really priorities? Are we too afraid to admit that some things are not really that important for us since we don’t pay so much attention to that?

Let’s take family for example. I don’t think there is one person on this earth that wouldn’t consider family a priority, but there are so many destroyed families out there. There are so many parents considering their children as the most important things on this earth, but they spend little to no time with them. And don’t get me wrong… I get the practicality of working almost 24/7, but in this case, career might be more important than family even though the family is the motivation. Think about this: do you think children need the fanciest things in life or they need love, support and understanding? Sometimes what’s important doesn’t seem to be due to the time spent directly on that and families are the most common examples.

But don’t despair! There is a solution! The solution is to be 100% present in the moment, regardless what that moment is. If you’re with your family, then be 100% with your family. If you’re at work, then be 100% at work. If you’re driving, then be 100% there. Whatever you do in the moment should be the top priority of that moment especially if you can’t influence other “priorities” in any way in that moment. We have this powerful tool we can use to be wherever we want in a certain moment, and that tool is called our mind. Use it to make your present your 100% priority!

Which one of your priorities gets less attention and time from your side?

16 thoughts on “Are your priorities really priorities?

  1. It’s a fine line between staying true to our word or our discipline, and being in the moment. This weekend I was mostly in the moment. During the week I can’t read blogs at my new sub job, so I feel guilty not being caught up. And yet, as you say, we must be present. And so I try. And I thank you for your blog!

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for sharing your thoughts! Life keeps throwing “moments” at us and sometimes is very hard to prioritize them…

  2. I think having fewer priorities is better than having too many! Sometimes I even have trouble discerning which things are really priorities, apart from my family and essential responsibilities.
    Once again, thank you for asking these thought-provoking questions!

    1. Thank you for reading and responding to them! I agree with you that the more priorities we have, the harder it is to act upon them!

  3. I`ve no problems with priority setting but I often tend to question prios afterwards – and feel guilty bcs of the prio I set. Very stupid, I know.

  4. I think my priorities are quite fluid. & sometimes if I find myself procrastinating I ask myself if x really is a priority.

      1. in a circular argument, I’d say whether I’m actually doing it or not… (if I’m not doing it then it’s obviously not a priority or I would be doing it)

  5. I’m actually looking at returning to school, because my first and foremost priority is safety, security and stability. We’re having some issues there on the dreaded financial front – so if I really want that, I must go after such things. Is it scary? Oh, my, yes! But it’s less so than being in the wind.

    1. Pure awesomeness! That’s actually one of my ways of living life: I don’t want to go where the wind takes me. I want my own path.

  6. oh !! thats so right !! I felt like you are personally attacking me here !! .. ‘cus its so hard for me keep my concentration on one thing … its so hard for me to practice this whole “live in the moment ” thing .. but but but ,, still m trying hard ..!!
    getting better on it day by day !! 🙋

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