52 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 377

    1. PS I already have the superpower I desire most — the undefeated ability to create a flawless Elizabethan sonnet on the subject of choice within five to fifteen minutes of request.

  1. Ability to raise the dead and ability to end wars. Can’t stand people dying without fulfilling their destiny. Can’t stand children losing their parents and homes to war.

  2. I’m afraid of even verbalizing what my answer would be, if I had one. I thought of this more time then I’m willing to admit. And it isn’t the superpower I’m mostly afraid of, it’s the conditions that would be attached.
    For now I’ll settle for the ability to help another person in need.

    1. The good thing is that this superpower of helping others is in all of us. If we take the responsibility of using it, it’s a whole different thing.

  3. The ability to clear all dust, mess and vermin (especially mosquitoes!) from a 50 foot radius around me. I’d never be bitten again, I’d be a hit at picnics, and think of what I could charge for “clean” rooms!

      1. Mosquitoes are the bane of my outdoor life, LOL. And, to be frank – I really get bored dusting.

  4. it’s not a superpower but i’d chose Magic. Being a witch isn’t considered being a superhero or whatever but magic sort of is. at least in my mind

      1. All over the world! 😆😃 I’d like to go to North India first.. the hills of Musoorie and shimla 😃

  5. I’d say reality warping but that would not be a fun answer and it’s greatly overpowered. I’ll go with extremely good luck then (AKA Domino from Deadpool). It’s very simple but very effective and useful.

    1. Extremely good luck would be a very interesting asset, especially because you need to do nothing. You just wait and good things happen.

  6. Great question. I ponder along these lines too:-). I would choose the ‘kindness’ superpower. In this digital age, I think people have lost their ability to connect authentically and are short on time and manners. I would replace rudeness with kindness in every human that interacts with me and my fam.

  7. If I had a superpower, it would be time manipulation. Freezing time and space, and traveling to different time periods would be awesome!

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