34 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 378

  1. Appreciating all the good things, loving my “tribe” of people and animals, being curious about the world.

  2. Being grateful and enjoying every moment—when I’m present. When I’m not present, I’m just stupidly sweating the small stuff.

      1. Yes…….you can’t feel truly feel alive if you are trying to live up to others’ standards or you are worrying about what others think.

  3. Feeling that shift when I am fully present in the moment, which for me means neither thinking about the past or worrying about the future. I love it when these moments occur, and so i am consciously tuning in more often to the awareness that this moment is the only moment I have until…whoops! There goes another one.

      1. Every day, if I am tuned in! It is so easy to pop out of awareness and get caught up in the everydayness. Every single day is important, we are exchanging our limited time here for it.

  4. Introspection, Understanding, and Illumination. Two steps forward and one step back to appreciate the experience before it inevitably fades into the past.

  5. Yayy this is my favourite topic!! I’m all about living in the moment and really going for it. To me, it means embracing every single moment and appreciating everything in my life, good and bad! Really understanding life, and reading, writing, music, photography and blogging, mostly because they all take me to a different world, haha. Loved this, your questions are really fun to answer (:

  6. It used to be “trying to gain a better understanding of death, as this section of this cyclical life seems to be the hardest for us”. But now, it’s more of focusing on one positive interaction at a time.

      1. I accepted death as a part of “life”, and the uncertainty of its nature helped shift my focus on what I believe is the key to our survival, Positive interactions.

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