The Ultimate Reader

When I started putting together the memoir I wrote about my father, I had the good fortune of connecting with a great writing coach, Sheila. As she explained it to me, her job was to be the “ultimate reader” – the person who asked the questions about temporal lapses, gaps in the storyline, or unexplained … More The Ultimate Reader

An unexpected lesson from the world’s most dangerous sport.

By E.L. Jayne Red rock roads and satin sunsets. Crimson cacti and eclectic, desert diners. Moab, Utah is a splendid sight for sore eyes. This trip to Moab held a completely new experience in store for me. I was attending a festival for BASE jumpers to film my friends jump off really high mountains. … More An unexpected lesson from the world’s most dangerous sport.


In aviation we have a term called AOG that means Aircraft on Ground. It refers to a plane that can’t fly because of a technical issue. We might also say a pilot is grounded because of a disciplinary issue, or that passengers are grounded because of weather. In all cases, the term indicates an inability … More Grounded

Regaining Lift

Most of us experience stalling at some stage in our lives. In our attempts to be all we can. In our attempts to climb as high as we can, as fast as we can. The problem is, like an aeroplane, we can only climb so fast. If we pitch the nose up too high, or … More Regaining Lift

Perspective Change

Hello on another Sunday! I am working on my Life Coach Certification and I am about to be done. My certification is based on a model called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the specific techniques in the method made me think of the importance of perspective in our lives. NLP is a model that uses our … More Perspective Change

Ancient Wisdom

   Sometime these days I came across some ancient wise words:    “Plant a thought and you’ll pick an action;    Plant an action and you’ll pick a habit;    Plant a habit and you’ll pick a character;    Plant a character and you’ll pick a destiny.” – Random Wise Ancient Dude or Dudette    … More Ancient Wisdom