Switch from chaos to harmony

switch from chaos to harmony
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   Do you ever feel that the world around you makes no sense? Do you ever feel stuck, not knowing the direction in which you’d like to go? Do you ever look around and you see nothing but chaos? Well, that’s how the world works. But guess what? Despite the chaotic actions, deep down, the principles are the same.

   Whenever we notice the chaos around us that makes no sense, we can consider the fact that all people want to feel good or better than they currently feel. That’s it. Every action out there is related to someone that wants to feel good. Yes, some of the actions are not moral or legal or whatever, but the people that make those actions also want to feel good. For some that feeling comes from having a top job, for others the feeling comes from money or love and so on. Even though the actions make no sense, the result is meant to be the same.

   Ok, there are people that kill others. Even when someone gets very angry and starts a fight with someone else, the action itself is meant to eliminate that anger so it brings some relief, which is a good feeling. If we manage to get past the actions and go to the root cause, we’ll realize that we’re not so different. We all want the same good feelings and because of this, we’re all on the same page. Deep down, we’re in harmony.

   This search for certain feelings makes people act in different ways based on multiple aspects and that’s what we see and judge. That’s what creates chaos. We cannot understand the actions, but if we pull out some empathy from our back pockets, we can realize and maybe even understand why someone did something (oh, and btw, avoiding bad feelings also brings some relief, so it’s a good feeling). The harmony is there, we just need to go past chaos.

   How often do you try to find harmony in the chaos around you?

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