People are the same, but different

The Courage of Being Yourself   I know, it’s a f*cked up title, but bear with me. In my daily journey in the world I’ve noticed something interesting: each and every one of us is unique in the way we think, but bottom line, we all want the same things. I’m sure you’ve noticed there are multiple paths to the same destination. As an example, think about the latest holiday you’ve taken. I’m sure you weren’t the only one there and there were other tourists as well, but I’m also sure they haven’t come there the same way you did. Some of them came with their personal car, others came by plane and others by train. They all came to the same place, but why and how they did it, it’s different from a person to another.

   This thing applies in all our areas of our lives. Almost every person on this planet goes to work everyday, but I’m sure the reason each and every one goes from different reasons (yes, I know that some reasons might be the same, but the way people see that reason is surely different).

   Everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants to have enough money (it’s different what enough means to each of us), everyone wants to be satisfied by the life he/she has and that’s why I say people are the same. The different part is what each of us is doing to get there. Some might choose to deceive other people, others might choose to work day and night, others might choose to kill someone and so on. There are also people that choose to do nothing to get there. It’s pure math: 0+4=4, but 1+3=4 and 2+2=4 too.

   Next time you feel the urge to argue with someone, remember he/she wants the feelings as you do, but they have a different way to get them so you might as well try to understand how they want to get there instead of trying to impose your own way.

2 thoughts on “People are the same, but different

  1. We all try to prove ourselves to others in order to be understood but we forget they also want us to understand them.. plus everyone is constructed in a certain way which we cant change.. so ideally some vibes dont match so we should stop arguing and be at peace 🙂
    Trying to make someone see their flaws is pointless, coz we all wanna protect ourselves at the end of the day.

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