How To Change The World

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   Reader, I have a specific question for you. Are you ready to change the world?

  Jordan Peterson, a now widely known and respected “intellectual” doesn’t seem to think so. His ideology of the ability to change and even give advice to the world can be simply stated as cleaning your room.

   “So can you even clean up your own room?…because if you can’t even clean up your own room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world?” – Jordan B. Peterson via Joe Rogan podcast

   Peterson’s original statement was directed to the youth of the world, stating earlier in the quote “eighteen-year olds”. However, if you take a longer look you start to understand the vast implications his statement can make. I, a twenty-one-year-old college student, find myself unable to keep my room clean much of the time; don’t get me wrong though, I have found a somewhat stable routine of cleaning it every weekend to get that clean restart. I also have the pleasure of knowing others my age who would rather clean their rooms every six months instead. Being around it in dorms and now an apartment, the levels of maturity are distinctly noticeable between who does and doesn’t do something as simple as cleaning their room.

   His statement doesn’t just describe the youth either. While his example of your bedroom is understood a little easier by the millennial generation, the theme is quite mature. The first step in changing the world is changing your life. While the statement doesn’t shine a light on how we traverse the steps that come after it gives us what most have trouble finding: a start.

   My start, soon after listening to Peterson in that podcast around a year ago, came from cleaning my room. I rearranged objects, sorted clothes, moved furniture, trashed unneeded distractions, and plenty of other things. The process took around two days, three hours one day and around four and half the next. I figured that was the end of my journey, I was already quite satisfied with the clean room. Except the important things become a little more apparent after a clean reset. The last thing I sorted was my bookshelf and suddenly I realized I had lost a lot of love for books that I had in my possession for years. Right then I decided to buy an Amazon Kindle and have started reading more and more. One of the books I began to be quite interested in studied the human brain and specifically, memory. Not too long after that I was excited to use what I learned about memory and decided to try out Mandarin on the app Duolingo.

   With that, I only have one challenge for you. Clean your room.

   Me: My hopes are to give advice where I can, but not the advice you receive from the “holier than thou” crowd. Instead I write about the mistakes I make in effort to help others facing the same questions. Because of all the personal experiences, I write under my own pseudonym. MyStori, the mixed ideas of “my story” and “mystery”. If you want to read any more by me feel free to check out

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  1. I suppose a lot of these concepts can also be applied in a spiritual sense, as they will undoubtedly be seen in the benefits of meditation and contemplation. You could argue that the act of cleaning your room, is in itself a mediation on life.

  2. Cleaning and decluttering allow us to find more space in mind too. Clearing the things around help us in clearing the thoughts inside and get space for the fresh ideas & thoughts.

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