Not everybody takes advices!

   Have you ever given an advice and the person that received it did nothing with it? How did you felt when that happened?    Even though people need advices, they’re not always prepared to receive it because they’re not prepared to act upon it. Maybe they can’t or maybe they don’t want to do it, but until they do need that piece of advice, … Continue reading Not everybody takes advices!

How many of your friends are really your friends?

   Lately, I’ve been thinking about the fact that we know and meet with lots of people and we label some of them as being our friends. But are they really our friends? What does being a friend really means? It’s about getting in touch and meet once in a month or so and talk about random sh*t? It’s about helping each other? It’s about … Continue reading How many of your friends are really your friends?

Who’s in charge of YOU?

   Have you ever wondered from where do our thoughts and feelings come? I’m currently reading Incognito by David Eagleman and in the first half of this book I got the idea that somehow our conscious self is the last one to know about… everything. The underlying processes decide everything and we are informed about those decisions (ok, it’s still we the ones deciding, but … Continue reading Who’s in charge of YOU?


Provided by Philosophy through Photography *originally posted on Philosophy through Photography The tongue is a fantastic organ! You Use it for speech, taste and decorative/culture ( tongue piercing). It’s a strong arsenal in your body. Tongue is a blessing and also your nemesis. It can make the difference between life & death, joy & sorrow. Can make or break the relationship. Can sooth you or … Continue reading Tongue-tasteic!

I Was Taught to Keep it All Inside

Provided by CP from Papagni Pages       I’ve been on an honesty kick for a long time and it doesn’t always work for me. Up against a wall    You hear a lot about gay people “coming out” these days. There are many incredible stories; each unique and compelling. Mine is no different — act straight, marry, keep it from the boss, tell your sister first; … Continue reading I Was Taught to Keep it All Inside

Business Cards – Pointless Overthinking

Provided by Ramon Colon from    The topic of business cards as a minimalist and as a person trying to reduce my waste is one that I struggle a lot. Every time someone offers me a business card I go on this immediate pointless overthinking state of mind in which I battle myself against accepting or rejecting the printed business card. If I accept a … Continue reading Business Cards – Pointless Overthinking


Provided by Betul Erbasi from How are you?    English Wie geht es dir? German Nasılsın? Turkish  كيف حالك Arabic 你好嗎? Mandarin お元気ですか? Japanese The phrases in the set above mean the same thing in different languages. They look fairly different, right? I would not think that these languages could share anything at all. Well, hint hint, some people disagree. On top of that, take … Continue reading UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR, SAY WHAT?!

The relationship with your problems

   Problems are everywhere and they are never-ending. And still… we try to dodge them as the devil dodges holy water. We somehow have the idea that being happy and fulfilled means we have no problems. I believe this is wrong. Being happy has nothing to do with the amount of problems we have, but our mind has a habit in relating the two and … Continue reading The relationship with your problems

The Year(s) of Lord of the Flies

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from The Introverted Christian *originally posted on The Introverted Christian*    Watching Dr. Oz, eating my French toast sticks, a flash of a preview for his next show centered around real life mean girls comes on. Seeing the images of girls fighting like their in the Octagon or the victim laying out unconscious is scary.    Just straight scary.😨😨    As … Continue reading The Year(s) of Lord of the Flies

Pointless Overthinking over one plastic bag?

Provided by Ramon from Zero Waste Dude    As you guys/gals might know I am in an amazing journey to reduce my personal waste. I took my kid to a local park, the park itself is like a mini reserve in an urban area with heavy traffic, many billboards, and everything else that make a great city great. However, the park itself is peaceful, and … Continue reading Pointless Overthinking over one plastic bag?