How To Change The World

Provided by MyStori from Believing & Learning    Reader, I have a specific question for you. Are you ready to change the world?   Jordan Peterson, a now widely known and respected “intellectual” doesn’t seem to think so. His ideology of the ability to change and even give advice to the world can be simply stated as cleaning your room.    “So can you even … Continue reading How To Change The World

Rephrasing – A path to a better communication?

   Rephrasing is a therapeutic technique developed by Carl Rogers which represents the expression in a more concise way whatever the other person just said (rephrasing is different from reframing which is another therapeutic method, but this second one is used for changing the context or the perspective with a different one that fits at least as good). Since he was a psychologist, he developed … Continue reading Rephrasing – A path to a better communication?

Body posture as a signal

   I’ve read in Jordan B. Peterson’s book 12 Rules of Life about how important our physical posture is in sending a message about our status in that society. He is fascinated by lobsters and he describes how they stand after a fight. The winning lobster stretches as much as he can to look bigger whilst the loosing lobster tries to look as small as … Continue reading Body posture as a signal

Pointless (or not) Quotes

   Today I decided to let some experts talk so I put together a list of quotes that I found interesting.    “Failure is just an opportunity to start again in a smarter way.” – Henry Ford      “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill      “You should live like every action you have should become an universal … Continue reading Pointless (or not) Quotes

Successful People – Jordan B. Peterson

This guy is my idol. Jordan Peterson is a psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto (you can read more about him here). I say that he is successful because he has the ability to change people’s lives and he does it! He has a very easy and specific speech and this gives him the ability to express his thoughts and … Continue reading Successful People – Jordan B. Peterson