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  1. For the longest time, I avoided watching shows like forensic files and etc. Every time I watch one I have to stop and think about cases I worked where I might have done a better job.

      1. Just wrote a new post on an old story idea I have that I am thinking about rebooting. Feedback solicited and encouraged. (This is over on “Perils of Improbable Potholes.”)

      1. I try to keep the past in the past and concentrate on the future. When I choose to go back in the past, I try to find the beautiful moments.
        Usually, when I write about something I remember about some past experiences. Mostly, embarrassing moments.

  2. Since I’m a memoir writer, I think about the past almost every day. I like to reframe the stories and give them new meanings, as part of the tapestry rather than the whole of the cloth. -Rebecca

  3. Found out one of my instructors from school 30 years ago passed away recently. I started thinking about everybody I knew from that school and wondering what they were all up to or if they were even still alive. Let’s just say we weren’t exactly the most reputable bunch.

  4. My senses play a key role in memory. If I hear a certain song or watch a certain movie it can bring me back to a key point in life. Smells do the same thing. Fresh bread and mowed grass takes me right back to childhood. If I drive down a road I haven’t in years it will put me right back in the moment and let me feel and see what I was experiencing at that time. Anything really has the power to trigger a memory, good or bad they are always there.

      1. Could be anything. A simple line in a song can send me back. Sometimes to me being a stupid teenager, sometimes to events from 5 years ago. Music has that power. In very sad moments, I avoid music. (Probably the only time I ever do so.) I don’t want a song attached to that feeling.

      1. It’s not really about the mistakes. I am a very reactionary person. So say I get out of a dinner party and I think, “I talked too much, I bored people.”

        Next time I get out of a party, I will think, “Oh crap, I did it again.”

        Over time, I take control of it, recognizing the problem AS I am doing it, not after.

  5. The past is triggered through small things, It can be a song which suddenly comes on radio reminding you of your friend who loved that song, it cane be quote that you read somewhere reminds you of the another person who said that to you. Past is amalgamated with bits and pieces of you 🙂 and its very easy to go back down the memory lane if something triggers it 🙂

      1. I think I when I write I go down that way alot 🙂 thats why I end up writing alot of memoirs 🙂

  6. Mostly I have blocked many events from the past and sometimes I feel surprised how I totally forgot some things and moments…probably I have buried them deep down or so…But circumstances that make me think of the past vary from a simple scent (scents are important to me, they trigger memories) to a song or a place….or when I’m so sad some days and down I tend to blame myself for some decisions, when I feel I didn’t accomplish so much, I blame myself for not doing this and that when I had the chance…otherwise I try to block the past as much as I can because the good memories are few and I don’t like to regret what I can’t change…

  7. Struggling for present is enough to occupy my past taught me everything it wanted me to be the perfect imperfect person I salute each and every word from the worst I respect and salute the kindness and message of nobility from it and believe me my past is my protector be careful my present and future enough of threats of demise I have prayers from them

      1. I’m not sure I follow. I’m not saying we are supposed to do it, but we do it from time to time. If we can realize when we do it and how often we do it, we can do something about that frequency so it can decrease. It’s about awareness and acting upon it.

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