I wonder as I wander

My adventure is coming to an end. I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion than by finishing the poem that I started at the beach in Malaga at the beginning of my trip. Finishing and publishing this poem feels like coming full circle. An incredibly beautiful journey of over 850 km of steps and endless talks. Continue reading I wonder as I wander

pink and blue sky at sunset

Encouraging Goodness: How Moral Actions are ‘Awe-Inspiring’

I’ve written before on the downstream effects of small any seemingly insignificant acts of goodness. Through our deeply interconnected world, we can never fully appreciate how our actions will impact others and our broader communities. Recent research being done on the science of awe-inspiring moral behaviour has begun to validate some of these claims. In his latest book Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and … Continue reading Encouraging Goodness: How Moral Actions are ‘Awe-Inspiring’

accountant counting money

The Ignorance of the Modern Man

O’ Modern Man, Modern Man, how you stand up tall with your undeserved pride. You hold infinite knowledge in the palm of your hand, Control nature, much more than it can withstand. Is there anything you can not know? No place where you can not go? Why are you so serious modern man? Don’t you see life is a great mystery. Is there still wonder … Continue reading The Ignorance of the Modern Man

person painting

The Artist

I believe that we all yearn to create. To nourish our unique gifts and bring something new and authentic into the world. This is how we affirm our identity and find meaning in the world. The role of the artist is to show us the way, and point towards the vast possibilities that are available to us. Great art can reignite our imaginations and awaken … Continue reading The Artist

On the philosophy of loving and losing

Happy Sunday to my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. In my corner of the world, it feels like summer is jussst around the corner. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been feeling a little drained lately. There’s a pile of things pulling me in all different directions today. So in lieu of that, I’m going to share with you something that really fills my cup. … Continue reading On the philosophy of loving and losing

SnapDragon Speaks: On The Apology.

I’m sorry, yo. For a lot of little and not-so-little things. . . . I’m sorry for all the times I thought I knew better; I’m sorry for not realizing the limitations of my own world view. I’m sorry for making To-Do Lists while you gave instructions I later needed. I’m sorry for snapping when you asked a question I already answered. I’m sorry for … Continue reading SnapDragon Speaks: On The Apology.