I wonder as I wander

I captured the moment with this amazing street musician in Sevilla❤️ just before I started my Camino Portuguese.

My adventure is coming to an end. I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion than by finishing the poem that I started at the beach in Malaga at the beginning of my trip. Finishing and publishing this poem feels like coming full circle. An incredibly beautiful journey of over 850 km of walk and endless talks.

I wonder as I wander

I am a wondering wanderer,

Walking around

Seeing the colours created by the great mystery

Surrounding us

And a world of beauty hidden in every story

Waiting to be told

Everywhere I turn I see an impression,

An expression eager to unfold

I watch an elderly lady walking on the beach

And I wonder what her bony body would say

If it was asked

To view, address and broadcast

A lived life of wonders

And the dead hand of the past

I observe an old man walking alone

Picking up a stone

And I imagine him reacting

To a tap dancers invitation

For a dance creation

While she is whispering in his ear

To tell her his life’s biggest fear

I watch the waves

Picturing it

Dancing with the wind

And I try to grasp its incomprehensible history

the depth of its mysteries

I observe my son swimming

And I feel my tremendous love for his being

Knowing I cannot protect him from tomorrow’s

Pains or sorrows

Only holding a safe space

To make him feel loved

No matter what!

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4 thoughts on “I wonder as I wander

    1. Thank Wynne 🙏🌺 for reading and commenting.
      I have thanked my feet everyday for carrying me through this fantastic walk.

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