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The Horizons of Meaning

Meaninglessness is a blank canvas. It alienates one to the world around them. The whole world looks grey. Stripped of color and dominated by routine, one mundane task after the other. One lives solely to fulfill the demands of the other, whether it is for their parents, employers or society.  Meaninglessness closes the door to the world of possibilities that life can offer. 

It is only through creativity where meaning begins to shine through the cracks. 

Meaning is the immersion in the infinite space of creativity. It enables one to view the whole world like an artist. Every moment that arises is raw materials for one’s creation. Both suffering and joy are equal opportunities to embrace and connect to the richness of life. 

It comes to a person spontaneously like a flash of insight.  One is compelled to create.

An idea that requires nurturing through actions which authentically connect to the inner depths of their being. It can be through working on a piece of art, writing a new poem or any activity which requires you to be an active participant in the world around you.  

Life is no longer governed by indifference, but a sense of aliveness that comes with being connected to one’s own creation.

Freedom emerges in the horizon.

As we follow our path, we are transformed into our authentic selves – who we truly are, and who we ought to be.

Where do you find meaning in life? Let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “The Horizons of Meaning

  1. So much to embrace in your post — especially this: “Both suffering and joy are equal opportunities to embrace and connect to the richness of life.” I find this to be true and the compulsion to create, make meaning – at least for me – comes from deep feelings (both suffering and joy). Thank you for sharing your insights. 🤍

  2. I like to think that the meaninglessness of existence is a blank canvas we’re meant to paint meaning onto. Beautiful words Andrew 🙏

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