When Hope Emerges

Dear Readers,

I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:)

Undoubtedly, 2021 has been another year filled with many hardships and uncertainties as the pandemic continues on.

In spite of this, I wanted to share a poem I wrote while searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. The poem is entitled – Hope.

Where Do You Find Hope?

To end the year on a positive note, please let me know what gives you hope going forward?

Where do you find inspiration in life? When do you encounter beauty and grace?

Let me know in the comments below.

Till next year,



Beyond the tides of cynicism and depths of despair 
Past the grim ramblings of the evening news 
Therin lies a possibility, an opportunity for hope 

It comes to you like waves passing by 
Like clouds parting, making way for the crisp blue sky

Illusive and temporary, a light shines forth from above 
It arrives in many forms, an invitation, a sign which gently awaits 

Hope - the spontaneous ecstatic laughter of a child 
Hope - the wonder and awe evoked from gazing into the seemingly infinte cosmos 
Hope - the beauty of the morning sun radiating through the blossoming trees in the spring 

Subtle glimpses of transcendence  
Hints of the sublime
Unveiling the divine 
All point towards new paths and emergent possibilities 

As new horizons dawn upon us 
Hope arises 

It is through the gaps, that light shines through 
Light shines through   

This poem was originally published on my personal blog Your Site β€Ή A Life of Virtue: Philosophy as a Way of Life β€” WordPress.com

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19 thoughts on “When Hope Emerges

  1. Thank you, Andrew, for your kind wishes about Christmas and Happy New Year (for your family, too!), and also for sharing your poem with all of us!

    I loved all of it, but this really caught my attention:
    “Subtle glimpses of transcendence
    Hints of the sublime
    Unveiling the divine”

    I’ll put my faith in God any day!

    Thank you again! πŸ™πŸ§‘

  2. Very nice writing; I loved this poem. As I read through it, I began to realize the extent to which hope is intertwined with faith. We all put faith in something. I personally place my hope and faith in Emmanuelβ€” meaning God with us. Merry Christmas. πŸŽ„

  3. Merry Christmas, Andrew! May 2022 fulfill your hopes and dreams. <3

    I find hope in the good deeds and kind words of people around me and in the news. I find hope in the advances being made toward ending the pandemic. I find hope in those who work to fight the degradation of the environment. πŸ™‚

  4. This is a great poem. Thanks so much for sharing it. The 2 parts that spoke to me are “emerging possibilities” and “the light shines through.” I am looking for the emerging possibilities of 2022 with eager anticipation! And I want to be light shining through the darkness, pointing others to God.

  5. Very nice! Every individual should loose fear and hope things are going to turn positive. Fear is the biggest enemy obstructing our path towards hope.

  6. That was and is a beautiful poem that perfectly captures the essence of how hope gets sparked. At least for me I’ve experienced every one of those ways. But then there are other times, when going through something troubling or difficult, that nature or the night sky aren’t enough to ignite hope. So I search and pray; and the issue determines what I search for and where. However hope eventually comes. Sometimes like pieces in a puzzle, everything will line up that I’ve been researching, ie medical and health issues. Or I’ll get sudden revelation in my mind regarding the dynamics in my office between my boss, office manager and me. And I’ll understand, at least, why I react the way I do even if I don’t know what else to do about it. (They remind me of my parents, and I’ve struggled working there for 9 yrs. But I only recently grasped this.) And that offers me hope. Hope that I can learn, grow, and that my prayers are reaching someone. So I guess that’s how I get hope: prayer and digging for answers.

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