How the shift in perspective helped me  

Chase   Starting from the comment posted by ajourneyintome (Have you made any revelations from the perspective shift?) I began to think about how the change of perspective helped me.

   The first thing this helps me with is anger management. I usually get mad very quick and I calm down very hard because I interpret situations and opinions through my own lens and that’s not right nor fair. Why? Simply because most of the time what I’m interpreting has nothing to do with that situation or opinion. It’s just my belief about that. Once I realized and accepted this, I started to search for alternatives at least as plausible as the one I took for real. And most of the time, I can find too many. Some of them can make me mad and some of them can make me happy, but since they all are equally plausible, I cannot choose to feel in a certain way because I know it might not be real.

   Based on this, I get to the second benefit. Because I can see multiple perspectives about something, I got to a new level of knowledge. I realized I know exactly sh*t about everything and because of this, I know I can’t be right. Because I know I can’t be right, I can’t create expectations about other people’s behavior or about some situation. Having expectations prepare you to one or two scenarios and if something else happens, you’ll be caught “off guard” and you’ll get mad (mostly, because you don’t know how to react). Without expectations, I can be “prepared” for everything simply because I’m not “programming” myself to react in a certain way so I’m open to my environment.

   Having multiple perspectives in my mind helps me have a better understanding about other people as well. I know that I know sh*t and because of this I cannot judge other people for the way they talk and act. I can find several reasons for that behavior and usually none has something to do with me. People behave in a certain way because they think that way is the best for them in that situation, so how can I know what’s best for them and how could I judge their behavior since they have their unique background and that background made them act in that way? I don’t know their background, therefore I don’t have enough knowledge to judge. The best I can do is to present my point of view, but it’s their decision if they want to take it into consideration or not.

   Training my mind to see multiple perspectives also helps me whenever I encounter a problem because I tend to see multiple solutions. Being able to see multiple solutions keeps me in a positive mindset because I tend to see every problem as a challenge that helps me grow.

   All of this started from my intention to find out what the hell is going on inside me that controls me so much. Because of this I started to ask myself questions and when I realized that no answers came, I knew that somewhere there is a problem. One question lead to another and so on until I became a pointless overthinker.

   It works for me, but how do you feel about it?

22 thoughts on “How the shift in perspective helped me  

  1. U mean u read it or u mean u like me personally and wanna me come over and like u to death 😂?
    And thank you. I can’t say No to such endless river of “likes” 😬💕💕

  2. Nice post. I am one hell of a thinker and it keeps me awake every night. Most of the time i don’t even know why i am thinking and try to shut down all the thoughts but eventually they spring up! So now instead of thinking about all the crappy things I think and visually entertain myself with all the ways I want my life to be and give zero shits to expectations!

    1. Thank you! That’s a very nice shift you did there. How do you feel after you changed your perspective?

      1. I feel happy, like truly happy! Most of the time mom is like, “why are you smiling so much…staring at the wall?!” 😛

        I am not saying to run away from problems and the reality I just mean pains are inevitable. so try to let go of somethings, laugh it off or imagine your own version of story! overthinking even about shits will put you in depths of despair!

      2. The problems are the same either if we’re sad or happy. Actually, sometimes they are worse when we’re sad so it would be better laugh at them.

  3. “Without expectations, I can be “prepared” for everything simply because I’m not “programming” myself to react in a certain way, so I’m open to my environment.” Exactly. I am learning to stop the “knee-jerk” reaction. It’s a hard habit to break, but it can be done. Everyone has different perspectives because everyone has had different life events that altered them in some way.

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