Ancient Wisdom

   Sometime these days I came across some ancient wise words:

   “Plant a thought and you’ll pick an action;

   Plant an action and you’ll pick a habit;

   Plant a habit and you’ll pick a character;

   Plant a character and you’ll pick a destiny.” – Random Wise Ancient Dude or Dudette

   This is exactly what I believe and what I’m trying to do. We see people all around us that are not happy with their lives, but they do want a happy life. But a happy life won’t come up out of the blue… we need to work for it. Also, what a happy life means? I’ve also noticed that a happy life for someone means a horrible life for someone else. When something is the same, what makes it different? It’s just a matter of perspective.

   Practicing the ability to view different perspectives not only that gives you the ability to change the way you see your life, but it also changes the way you see other people because you’ll make a habit to see multiple perspectives about the same thing, one of them matching theirs. When you can see someone’s life through their eyes, you’ll stop judging them so harsh.

   Don’t worry, sh*t will still be part of your life, but you’ll laugh at it instead of crying. That sh*t might be seen as a cake. Maybe it’s always a cake and you see it as a sh*t.

   What do you choose to see? A sh*tty cake or a cake-y sh*t?

15 thoughts on “Ancient Wisdom

    1. Yes! That’s the main reason why I keep writing about this! My first revelation was that I was not getting angry so often as before. After that I realized that I can have a better understanding about the others because each one has his/hers own point of view based on the unique background experience. The third reason is that this perspective shift keeps me in a more positive mindset especially if I keep surrounding myself with positive things. These are just the first examples that came into my mind. 🙂

      1. I’m happy to hear it, especially about not feeling angry. I think so many people in the world are angry simply because they EXPECT another to see the world the way they do, and behave just like them. There would be no war if people would stand in another’s shoes and see where they are coming from.

      2. That’s exactly my point! I believe this view can help many people and that’s why I’m going to find different ways to spread the word.

      3. I found music was the gateway for me to appreciate other cultures that I knew nothing about. It started when I watched Selena’s life story and I knew what happened to her, but I still cried like a baby. I dove into Tejano for awhile then I was digging other groups like Mono from Japan, before I found my true love in KPOP which has opened the door for Korean appreciation on all levels.

        After I mentioned Selena I was reminded of A Time to Kill. I watched the movie in high school and when they were going through the trial I was in tears because of what happened to that little girl. I cried for her throughout the movie, but it was what Matthew McConaughey says to wake that jury up that popped up. It’s sad it had to go to that the truth is it doesn’t matter if it was a black girl or a white girl a child suffered and that is not okay. Maybe something like that will help you reach others. I don’t know.

  1. It is so true. Happiness will not come out of the blue and we do have to work for it. Some have to work harder than others, but every single one of us has the potential to be happy. I have tried to make it a perspective in my life to see things from different angles and perspectives. Practicing this has actually allowed me to be much more tolerant towards others than ever before. I like getting to know people so that I am able to understand where they are coming from. Another example would be anger. Some things that would make me angry might not make someone else angry or vice versa. Taking people’s views and opinions into consideration really plays a huge role in learning to deal with different situations and scenarios. As an end result, perhaps this in itself would help lead to more happiness. 🙂

    1. Very well said! This is exactly what I feel and what I believe and that’s why I want to share this to everyone. Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts! 🙂

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