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The Inspiration to Write: A Short Vignette

I was sitting at my kitchen table working yesterday afternoon, trying to tie up the last few items before closing my laptop and going to get my kids when the doorbell rang. It was the <ding-dong><ding-dong><ding-dong> of repeated bell pushes used most frequently by the 7-years-old and under set. So I wasn’t surprised to find the 6-year-old twins from four doors down the street hanging … Continue reading The Inspiration to Write: A Short Vignette

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Your Wise and Shine January Horoscope

With January upon us, what better way to start the year than by convincing ourselves the movements of indifferent heavenly objects hundreds of millions miles away, oblivious to our existence, are actually enacting a well-designed choreography designed to guide our every decision. ARIES ♈️ : Now is a good time to rekindle old friendships, restraining orders be damned. Taurus ♉️: Opportunity will knock this month, … Continue reading Your Wise and Shine January Horoscope

New Podcast!

It’s Tuesday! That means we’ve posted a new podcast. In this episode, I have a cool conversation with Jack Canfora, one of Wise & Shine’s writers and our resident humorist. We discuss writing, blogging, the writing process, humor, and sundry related topics. Check it out. Show Notes: About the participants: Troy Headrick started writing before he could actually write.  He’d dictate stories to his mother … Continue reading New Podcast!