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It’s Tuesday! That means we’ve posted a new podcast. In this episode, I have a cool conversation with Jack Canfora, one of Wise & Shine’s writers and our resident humorist. We discuss writing, blogging, the writing process, humor, and sundry related topics. Check it out.

Show Notes:

About the participants:

Troy Headrick started writing before he could actually write.  He’d dictate stories to his mother who wrote them down in one of those Big Chief tablets.  His father studied the fine arts, and Troy made and sold art as a child, likely as a result of some genetic inheritance his father bequeathed to him or because he spent so much of his early life hanging around such a creative mentor.  He then forgot about doing that sort of thing—actually, the responsibilities of life stole away all the time he could have spent doing such work—until a few years back when he started making drawings again and showed them in galleries both in the US and overseas.  He’s damned determined to find a way to start seriously making art again.

You can check out Troy Headrick’s visual art here and his posts here.

Jack Canfora is the recipient of two Edgerton Playwriting Awards, for Jericho (2010) and The Source (2018) and the winner of the 2016 Webby Award for Best Writing Online TV & Film for the pilot of a web series he co-wrote and co-created with Andrew Rein, The Small Time, His Off Broadway plays include Poetic License,  (59E59 Theaters), featuring Geraint Wyn-Davies, which was hailed by the Associated Press as “White-hot entertainment,”  and Jericho, (59E59 Theaters), a New York Times’ “Critics’ Pick”), featuring Jill Eikenberry.

Jack has been busy democratizing theater as Creative Director of New Normal Rep. His play Step 9 has just been released as a theatrical podcast. Visit the Now Playing page at NNR to learn more about Step 9, or search New Normal Rep Step 9 on your favorite podcast platform to start listening to this great theater. Or go to:

You can check out Jack’s posts here or if you are looking for a great writing coach, contact him through his website.

5 thoughts on “New Podcast!

  1. That was fun! Thank you, Troy and Jack. I enjoyed listening to your thoughts about the creative process…sharing that it can be both craftsman-like and full of discoveries and open-ended delights. I had no idea about John Irving’s process, Troy, and writing the last page first. Fascinating. And the discussion about comedy, tragedy, humor? I loved that. Yes to the thought about humor being a gateway to talk about dark things, Jack. And Troy – I agree – slapstick IS funny…and I loved the Mel Brooks quote about comedy/tragedy, Jack. So funny. And…your comment about deadlines…hearing the whoosh as they pass you by? I can relate, Jack! Thank you both. A delight to listen to. 😉

  2. Thank you, Victoria. We’re happy that you found things of value and interest in our conversation. To be quite honest with you, I could talked for a long time with Jack. For me, it was both fun and enlightening.

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