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Explore the Ancient Origins of Qi Gong: A Journey Back in Time

Step into the world of Qi Gong, an age-old practice that traces its roots back to the rich world of ancient China, where it first blossomed some 5000 years ago. This holistic discipline has been profoundly shaped by an interweaving of philosophical strands, including the profound wisdom of Taoism, the transformative teachings of Buddhism, and the ethical principles of Confucianism. Initially flourishing within the realm … Continue reading Explore the Ancient Origins of Qi Gong: A Journey Back in Time

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Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

After Todd’s post last Friday, which also mentions a previous post by Troy, I re-post here an article about getting old. So, here you find some instructions for living your third youth with no worries. There is a direct relationship between aging and physical, and mental activity. People who adopt a sedentary and passive lifestyle after retirement accelerate their aging process. Lack of movement diminishes … Continue reading Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

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Why To Be Successful You Should Stay Away From Crabs

Do you know that if you put a crab in a bucket, it can run away, but if you put together a group of crabs in a bucket, none of them can escape, because as soon as one will start climbing, another will reach it, grab it and pull it down? Some people are like those crabs. They push you down, while others pull you … Continue reading Why To Be Successful You Should Stay Away From Crabs

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How to Make Your Partner Love You Again

We might have experienced difficulties in the relationship with our partner. Distance, unkindness, distraction, not listening, too busy, and much more. I read this story and I want to share it with you. I think it has a powerful lesson to teach us. Sometimes things are easier than we think but we cannot find a solution because we are too distracted by the complications that … Continue reading How to Make Your Partner Love You Again


The Swahili have a saying: Hamna yatima, watoto ni wetu sote. It loosely translates to: there are no orphans, children belong to all of us. It’s used to signify the ‘mulitparenthood’ phenomenon typical of African societies. Put differently, it’s used to reiterate that being a parent is a lifelong role. I have seen my mother embody this saying in her various parenting avatars. Mother, aunt, … Continue reading OF DIAPERS AND CHANGES IN ROUTINE

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Why Procrastination Is One of Our Internal Enemies, and How We Can Fight It

Procrastination means postponing, setting aside what we should do today to a hypothetical tomorrow. Who hasn’t done that at least once in their life? Studies revealed that procrastination affects one in five people. It could concern only some areas (for example study or work) or all the actions of one person. What is procrastination? Steel’s 2007 studies tell us that procrastination must be considered a … Continue reading Why Procrastination Is One of Our Internal Enemies, and How We Can Fight It

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The True Meaning of Karma, How It Works and How It Helps You Improving Your Life

Karma is one of the most known concepts of Buddhism and Hinduism. At the same time, it is also one of the least understood. You may hear people speaking about having a good or a bad Karma without really knowing what it is about. Those two main Eastern religions define Karma in the same way despite having developed their own concept of “Karman”, which can … Continue reading The True Meaning of Karma, How It Works and How It Helps You Improving Your Life

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How Changing Your Basic Negative Beliefs Would Help You Stop Worrying

Worrying means thinking about the future considering only, or almost exclusively, the negative aspects. Moreover, you would think about something that has not happened yet. Continuous and excessive worries are symptoms of anxiety. That’s why it is important to change your basic negative beliefs. Changing Your Basic Negative Beliefs To understand why some things worry you, you need to identify your basic negative beliefs that … Continue reading How Changing Your Basic Negative Beliefs Would Help You Stop Worrying

Family Traditions: A Recipe For Realization

Nearing Christmas, we are usually getting ready for family traditions. Perhaps you have a religious ritual you perform or a meal you prepare. These traditions add to the ambiance of the experience. Sometimes, though, they create a sense of sacredness, which can be harmful if it limits our ability to adapt, change, and grow. At a family gathering, a young woman was asked why she … Continue reading Family Traditions: A Recipe For Realization

Speed of Personal Development

Hello there! I hope everyone had a good start to their week! I just finished reading ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma. I had a couple of issues with the narration but what I want to talk about here is the issue with some of the content. Overall, I think the author had good intentions and wanted to convey as many ideas … Continue reading Speed of Personal Development

Define the problem

Hi there! How are you? Sometimes, unexpected news that can change our entire life comes and shocks us. What I noticed in those moments is that they do not always devastates us. In fact, sometimes, I deal with these kinds of sudden changes better than smaller adaptive changes. Why? I think the answer lies in labeling. When the change is noticeable enough (big and sudden), … Continue reading Define the problem

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I’m Back

When Micheal Jordan returned from the NBA after an extended hiatus his publicity manager was unsure how they should announce the news. So, he wrote a number of press releases for Micheal to choose from. But Jordan didn’t like any of them. He said, “I’ll do it myself.” before picking up a pen and writing down the following message, “I’m back.” That was it. The … Continue reading I’m Back

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Change Management in Working Places

Changes in working places happen more and more often nowadays. I have experienced myself so many dynamic/unstable working places that I decided to explore a bit this topic. The reasons may be different: new challenges imposed by the market or by the customers, new technologies or new policies. You can experience both personal and organisational changes. Personal changes may be transitions or career moves; organisational … Continue reading Change Management in Working Places

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Becoming an Agile Person

Linkedin defines a person as agile when they have a positive attitude, resilience and are open to changes/transformations in processes, structures or relationships. One interpretation of an agile person is that it is a self-management concept consisting of three main attributes: adaptability, proactivity, and resilience.  The profile of an agile person, then, is someone who is: 1. Adaptive – able to adjust to different conditions … Continue reading Becoming an Agile Person

Change and Aging

Hello! This week’s topic is change, specifically how our wants and needs change at different ages. Up until recently, I lived in big cities. First, in Istanbul for 6.5 years and then in Los Angeles for 6.5 years. Istanbul has a population of 15 million and it is the bigger of the two, but both are big, active cities. I loved living in them when … Continue reading Change and Aging

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Empower Your Colleagues

In the mid-2000’s the businessman Brian Robertson wanted his business to increase by making the decision making process more efficient. It was then that the concept of holacracy emerged for the first time in the United States. According to Robertson, the only solution to work more efficiently would be promoting autonomy and reducing the number of parties involved in decision making. In a holacracy system, … Continue reading Empower Your Colleagues