Max Dodo

The tutors who work at the Palo Alto College Writing Assistance Center are mostly in their late twenties and early thirties which means they’re young and energetic.  Because they haven’t clocked many years on this planet, they’re not yet tired or jaded.  This is likely the reason they’re so incredibly gung-ho about everything.  So, when the college announced that it was time for everyone to … Continue reading Max Dodo

David’s “Walking Lunches”

I want to tell you about a fellow named David, a retired educator and part-time tutor of mathematics who works in the Math Learning Center, a place just down the hall from the Writing Assistance Center, the place I manage and often mention in blogs I write for Wise & Shine. David is one of the most relentlessly positive people a person is ever likely … Continue reading David’s “Walking Lunches”

Remembering The Bison & Confronting Our Hateful Past

The only reason I stopped at that particular gas station was because they had a giant, brightly painted wood sculpture of a squirrel (or maybe it was a groundhog) all dressed up in backpacking gear, out front.  You could see it from the highway.  My usual instinct when I need gas is to keep driving and fill up later, playing chicken with an empty gas … Continue reading Remembering The Bison & Confronting Our Hateful Past