New Podcast:  Soaring Over the Clouds with David!

On Wise & Shine’s newest podcast, I have an entertaining conversation with David (known as “AP2” on this site) about flying airplanes, writing, art, fatherhood, regrets, and other topics.  After listening to our talk, check out David’s  writing, including “Why I Write,” a piece that got 514 likes when it was first published.

7 thoughts on “New Podcast:  Soaring Over the Clouds with David!

  1. Wow- that’s a lot of likes! I really enjoyed listening to the conversation between you and AP2 on this episode! The topics were interesting and you both had unique perspectives on them. The dialogue was thoughtful and sincere. Great job- do another one!!

  2. A great interview; thank you Troy and David. I agree with the importance of following our bliss, and I could definitely relate to what David shared about writing and “flow.” 🙏

    1. Hey, Art! Sorry about the tardiness of this response. I decided to get away from the computer over the holidays. I hope you’re having a nice holiday season. Thanks so much for listening and commenting.

      1. It’s all good, Troy! I don’t like to spend too much time at the computer, either.
        Yes, having a very nice holiday, and I hope that you and your wife are, too!
        I hope that 2023 will be an incredible year for both of you! 🙂

  3. Just finished listening – wow, another great episode! Troy has a knack for keeping the conversation both lively and interesting, and it makes these really fun. And of course, I enjoyed learning what AP2 means and hearing about the children’s book David’s written. But above all, two things David said stood out to me. First, that his muse doesn’t show up if something isn’t sorted out. Epiphany moment! Second, that he’s writing the book he’s working on now for himself. I love that, because I think when we write for any other purpose, we run the risk of changing the message – even subconsciously – to fit an audience. Just a great listen all the way around – thank you both!

    1. Thank you, An Audience of One, for the comment. Shortly after posting my intro to the podcast, I decided to get away from the computer for several days and while visiting family. Thanks so much for listening and commenting. I agree that David said lots of interesting things in our talk. Again, thanks.

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