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Winter Needs A New Publicist

This week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of my favorites. My family and most of my friends are off work, we can do lots of visiting, get caught up on fun things we didn’t get to do during the year, and spend some time reflecting on the past year and the future.

It’s fitting that this week happens in winter, because of all the seasons, winter gives us the best opportunity to reflect and grow. In fact, winter, in my opinion, is the best season of the year. Sadly though, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves from many people. That’s why I think winter needs a new publicist, a new social media director, or maybe a better agent. Someone to help let all of us know the value of the season, and to move our focus away from the unpleasant parts like shoveling snow, etc.

To illustrate why I love winter so much, I’d like to share this piece I wrote several years ago on the topic.

Read the piece here: “Needed: A New Perspective On Winter”

I’d also like to thank the staff at Wise & Shine for inviting me on board this year. It’s a true pleasure being part of the team. Thanks also to all of you who read and follow our work. You are very greatly appreciated.

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11 thoughts on “Winter Needs A New Publicist

  1. Lovely — and you’re right! We don’t circle ’round the air conditioner like we do a warm fire…totally different experience…hearth and home and friends. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  2. Hmm, you’ve given me good reasons to reconsider my seasonal opinion. Thank you, Todd! It’s been fun to get to know you this year. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

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