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Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   Lately, I’m wondering what kind of people we want around us. Are they always the same? Does it matter how we feel? Are we choosing our interactions based on our needs? Are our interactions the ones we suppose to have?

   As always, I think it depends. If we are not confident enough, we’ll be searching for outer confirmations about how should we be, feel and behave and this might lead to creating a need of getting together with people that would approve us and compliment us no matter what. If we do know what we are and if we’re confident enough, it might lead to creating a need of getting together with people we can learn from even though the things they will say might hurt our feelings.

   The strangest interactions we’re going to have are the ones we’re obligated to have. Why? Simply because we don’t want for them to happen so we’re going to wear a thick mask which will hide our true self and it will display a fake sociable happy version of ourselves. The problems appear when we have the balls to act as we feel (looking upset is enough) and we care enough not to hurt other people’s feelings. It’s a continuous battle between our feelings and the social protocol.

   Why should we act? The truth is that we shouldn’t, but acting might save us some arguing. In the end, it’s all about the amount of bad feelings we’re going to have. If overall we’re going to be better by acting instead of arguing, it might be the best thing to do.

   I know, sometimes it’s about the principles. Why should we be the ones to give in? Why should we accept things we don’t like? Well, our goal should be a better life. If you consider you’re going to achieve that by arguing, then that’s what you should do. You’re the only one that knows what’s better for yourself.

   So what kind of interactions should be searching for? I think we should be searching for interactions that make us feel and be better, but unfortunately we can’t do that whenever we want.

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  1. Unfortunately we can control who is around us at all times, therefore, what we could do is be careful of how we interact with those around us. Within our interactions, hopefully we could draw closer those we want around us.

    1. The more aware we are, the easier it will become to control the influence coming towards us. Yes, we cannot control who is around us all the time, but we can control what we can pick up from those people 🙂

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