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  1. When one is aligned (mind, emotions and body existing and working in tandem) that’s when one is true
    A true one will attract true relationships

    A person projecting an image (ego) will attract from his/shadow subconscious and walk more into lessons and not relationships

  2. What have come to understand about friendship is that it is birthed from a place of love . its not birthed from a place of entitlement , I give to you , you give me back . its birthed from I care about you and all I do is because I love you and I want the best for you . putting others into consideration , being there for people whenever they need you . its not about who calls the most or how many times you check up on each other . its about being there whenever I need you . no matter how long I don’t talk to you , when I say hello , I expect the same fire we used to ignite to flame up again .

      1. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone anymore. My best friend past away and my other close friend that I grew up with is so far gone into drugs that I had to let her go. I miss having a connection like that though. Maybe one day.

  3. Someone you can trust not to flee when they see your broken or vulnerable side, someone who trusts you in the same way, a mutual appreciation society, if you will.
    I have dear, dear friends that I may only talk to once every few years, but we pick up right where we dropped off. I have other friends that daily check ins and “Hey, I know this is a silly thing, but can you weigh in on_____?” Either way, I’m blessed with people in my life that are, as one person put it “My first family. You’re bulletproof.” That kind of love is powerful.

  4. True friendship is unconditional love, when being with someone is as effortless as being with yourself because you are truly yourself with them.

  5. Friendship is something I truly value. Having a friend(s), brings a certain intimacy that’s lacking with parents. You want to be close with your parents but you don’t want to disclose every aspect of your life. If you have great friend(s), you should be able to share your intimate self without feeling judged.

  6. Someone who can stick with you through thick and thin, good times and bad. Is very understanding, caring and sometimes meet together to hang out and just do something that we both enjoy.

  7. I’m not sure why exactly, but that feels like a particularly tough one to answer. I think it has to have something to do with being deeply connected to another person, forming close bonds which allow us to understand each other’s behaviours, thoughts, and so forth, more intimately, at least prospectively, than most other people. It doesn’t have to be that we have something strongly in common, shared experience and existential concerns can be enough, but whether there is a single marker of how this is crystallised is another matter.

      1. I’m honestly not sure, I think I have a few times. I’m certainly not one to talk about superficial matters or create artifice around myself. If I want to speak to a person, I want to connect with them, not exchange meaningless symbols and token gestures. I understand that not everyone wants to be so deeply connected, but I certainly start by always being honest as deeply as I can, on a completely human level. I’ve probably not articulated this very well. How about yourself?

  8. Acceptance of most of my shenanigans. We can often understand behavior, knowing we don’t have to adopt it, or even fully condone it. They aren’t always there for me. But they are if I really need them. I love ‘em.

      1. It would be more the day to day moments. I’m independent…on my own. I can go for weeks without a contact, or months. I believe it to be societal. My friends are at an age where their children have left home. So in the progression of things, they are buckling down for the last push through their careers before they retire. Many of them are paying for their children’s college, which is outrageously expensive. To think people will just lay down their extensive plans for me is self centered on my part. We I do meet with people now and then, by my or their suggestion. It’s nearly impossible to schedule jam sessions with the band I’m in because people are so booked.

    1. There is a saying in my culture that true friends can be seen when we face some difficulties. Everybody can be there for you when everything’s good, but that doesn’t apply when hell broke loose.

      1. Oh, I definitely know that all too well. Over the years I’ve drastically lowered my number of friends due to many of them not being there when I truly needed them. Friendship is a two-way street.

  9. True friendship means they don’t repeat the things you say, or talk behind your back. They will provide support and kindness. A true friend will love you even when they disagree with you .

    1. I love this part -> “A true friend will love you even when they disagree with you .” And in addition, a true friend will tell you his/her opinion, but he/she will still support you if that’s the case.

  10. A relation where you can be yourself. You can express yourself fully. A friend should stop you from doing wrong, not following you blindly. Being supportive and no ill will against each other.
    Most importantly, being with you in your bad times.

      1. I think it takes time to develop relationships like this. I’m meeting new people all the time, and at the same time strengthening connections with those I already know too

  11. True friendship is rare. It comes from people that love you and want to share their lives with you. It’s manifested when an individual actually listens to you. It’s doesn’t waver over time.

      1. Yes I have. My wife, two of my brother-in-laws, and my cousin would all fall into the realm of true friendship. We can pick up a conversation at any time and never does it feel like there’s been lost time. These four people are the ones I can truly count on if and when I need something, and vice-versa.

  12. This question really got me thinking. I am not a pessimist, just a realist – I believe that humans are not capable of true friendship. The true real friendship I envision is like the one I have with God. Omnipresent, always listening, helping, nurturing, caring – I could go on. I have never come across anyone like that, so my views are a bit biased 🙂

  13. Giving, with no expectation of receiving; but still knowing the other person would do the same for you in a heartbeat; the ability to go a long time without seeing each other and just fall back into easy banter; loyalty, being happy for the other person’s successes and sticking with them through thick and thin.

  14. I am not sure if I’ve experienced it, yet.
    But I have an idea of how I want it to be.
    No different than the friendship between me, myself and I.

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