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  1. So many things . I want to check their believe system and know how they view the world if its in line with me . I ask question about life ,marriage , relationship etc . controversial questions so I can know their response. This would determine if we can be friends or not

      1. What’s your take on women and leadership?
        How would you run your home when it comes to domestic chores? I’m so particular about this one cause some men feel its a woman’s job to clean and cook and theirs to provide for the house. So I ask to clear up the air and know where I stand so I won’t be a victim of a bad marriage or relationship

  2. Depending on where I’m initially meeting them (at work, recovery meeting, family function, out on the town, etc), I will cater my questions appropriately.
    Also, I like to think most people warm up pretty quickly to me, but I won’t ask anything too deep if s/he seems hesitant to share.
    Not a very specific answer, eh? 🤓

  3. This may sound selfish, or insecure or whatever, but I’m usually most curious about what that person thinks of me-namely, will they want to get to know me or not…

      1. This is the tricky part…I trust my gut. I take a risk. I try my best to read their body language…the biggest indicator for me is eye contact. And I’m not always right, but more times than not, it’s worth being brace…something I couldn’t have done before my midlife unraveling

      1. Read above…but it’s not so much an action, as a feeling…do I feel comfortable with this person? Do they seem comfortable with me?

    1. When I replied the rest of what you call ‘read above’ was not above. So you serially look for friends or dates that respond to you. You don’t try to get to know someone just for who they are even if they have nothing to offer you?

      1. That’s not what I mean at all…what I mean is that if I don’t feel like there is or could be a connection, I don’t invest in that relationship…and by relationship, I’m not talking about dating, I’m talking professional, friendship, or peer group.

        I just think if someone is meant to be in your life, in any capacity, you won’t have to look for anything, it’ll just come naturally by way of connection and chemistry, still not talking about dating.

      2. (My other reply that you didn’t see). This is the tricky part…I trust my gut. I take a risk. I try my best to read their body language…the biggest indicator for me is eye contact. And I’m not always right, but more times than not, it’s worth being brave…something I couldn’t have done before my midlife unraveling

      3. and maybe I am a bit selfish…I’m at a point in my life where I have to come first after caring for others for so long…I poured so much of myself into others that I fell apart…

  4. When I meet someone new I’m so curious! I want to know there whole life story! 🙈 but most importantly what they like to do for fun!

  5. It varies widely on the circumstances of the meeting for me as far as what I’ll be most curious about, but let’s just say its your typical runin at the office.

    I’d say my biggest curiosity is how friendly the person is and what we have in common. I’m a social butterfly.

  6. If they are actually an intelligent human with interesting and original thoughts. Not just some fool that spews talking points.

      1. I ask simple questions to start. Then I will get increasingly more in-depth and specific. If they know what they’re talking about it’ll shine through. If they don’t, they will be exposed.

        I’m a big fan of long conversations, and most con artists or bull-shitters can only keep a charade going for maybe 15-20 minutes. If they can hold a conversation for more than 40 minutes, their truth will be revealed.

  7. I will have a million and one questions but I find a few key ones and they’ll spill the beans while I listen intently. I will always know more about them than vice versa.

  8. I am worse one in this case. I don’t expect anything and I never ask anything unless they want to share. I don’t like lengthy conversation. So I say,” come to the point”.

      1. If I know the person by face or if we have a common friend circle or work group, I’ll try to talk to them about common topics to see if they actually give all information or stay shut in matters which do not pertain to them.
        If it’s an unknown person, I try to talk on general topics like – hobbies, likes and dislikes, personality, interests etc. A person gives himself away through their body language, expressions, personality and gesture. You can learn a few things about them in five seconds if you are keen enough.

  9. Well if it’s a cute guy I like to find out if he’s single got any children (as most people my age do have children except me 😊) what are his interests, does he read, political views, and one important thing is do they have a sense of humour.

      1. I’d still talk to them and find a common interest, to be honest I’ll talk to anyone and everyone.

      1. Not that much because somewhere I just afraid of strangers face to face meeting makes me quite nervous and fear full.

  10. Details about name and study , so we know about age and so on … then we can communicate for long ,.. i think same age group people can communicate very well .

      1. Then i’ll ask about journey of life …because i want to learn from elders , and i’d like to hear real life stories .

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