SnapDragon Speaks: On Herself.

-Previously posted on Snippets of SnapDragon– So I sat down with amateur blogger SnapDragon X., to ask her a thing or two about life. She wore an over-sized teal dress/shirt thing, which she said seems to have become her unofficial uniform as of late. Her polka-dotted leggings undoubtedly completed the Practical-Mom outfit. Plus, there may or may not have been a smear of child-snot on … Continue reading SnapDragon Speaks: On Herself.

Why Crying Like A Little Girl Is The Manliest Thing You Can Do

Provided by AP from Clear Air Turbulence Why is it always said, he cried like a little girl? We never say, she cried like a little boy, do we? For that matter, we never say she cried like a little girl either. Of course I’m forgetting that’s because it’s acceptable for girls to cry! Silly me. It’s just boys who don’t cry! Except that’s not … Continue reading Why Crying Like A Little Girl Is The Manliest Thing You Can Do

Why do we keep procrastinating? – Reblog

   I don’t think it’s because we’re lazy even though sometimes we are. We’re procrastinating only when we see something negative in the things we do. Doing those things would lower our current state of mind and we want to keep it “high” as long as we can.    The interesting part is that we’re not keeping our state that high because only the thought … Continue reading Why do we keep procrastinating? – Reblog

How memories affect our present – Reblog

   I sometimes wonder how our past affects our present and in what way. I’m not talking about actions we did in the past which have some effects on our present. I’m talking about remembering things and situations. Our memories are as powerful in influencing our present feelings as our present day. This is how it works: we remember something from our past (positive or … Continue reading How memories affect our present – Reblog

About Eye Contact – Reblog

   Have you ever wondered how you should interpret your eye contact with other people? What too much eye contact means? What too little eye contact means? Why someone is deliberately avoiding eye contact with you?    Usually, your eye contact with someone is telling something about your interaction with that person or about that person as an individual. If you can observe how that … Continue reading About Eye Contact – Reblog

The Need for External Approval – Reblog

   This need affects our lives more than we think. Most of the things we do are related somehow with this need. But first, what is this need and why it affects us so much?    This is related to one of our instinctual needs, the one of being part of a group. Why? Because in ancient times one individual could survive if he/she was … Continue reading The Need for External Approval – Reblog

The “Company” – Reblog

   Lately, I’m wondering what kind of people we want around us. Are they always the same? Does it matter how we feel? Are we choosing our interactions based on our needs? Are our interactions the ones we suppose to have?    As always, I think it depends. If we are not confident enough, we’ll be searching for outer confirmations about how should we be, … Continue reading The “Company” – Reblog

The “Having” Point – Reblog

   Have you noticed that we’re always thinking that we’ll be happy when we’ll have “that thing”? But have you noticed that we almost never go beyond that? Like, really going beyond. Have you imagined how your life is going to be if you have “that thing” or that person? If so, for how long? A day? A month? But have you ever thought about … Continue reading The “Having” Point – Reblog

Are we living in the future? – Reblog

   I’m not going to try to answer this question from a technological point of view, but rather from a psychological one. How often are we saying to ourselves that when we’ll get something we’ll be happier? How many times we’re letting the tomorrow interfere with the today? How many opportunities to be happy we’re missing just because we’re thinking about something in the future … Continue reading Are we living in the future? – Reblog

The Social Media Networks Distortion – Reblog

   I’m often thinking about the impact social media networks have on our society (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter and so on). How do we see them? What are we expecting from them? What kind of connection do we have with all those people?    Honestly, I’m worried about the influence of social media networks on our lives because they create expectations which cannot be fulfilled. … Continue reading The Social Media Networks Distortion – Reblog

The Courage of Being Yourself – Reblog

We can learn a lot from nature (I guess that’s why it’s called Mother Nature) regarding how unique can something be. Think about trees, for example. There are not two identical trees in the whole wide world. It’s impossible to have the branches exactly the same and the flowers/fruits/seeds/roots with the same size. Each tree is unique. We, as people, are very much like trees, … Continue reading The Courage of Being Yourself – Reblog

Can you truly know someone? – Reblog

If you think knowing yourself is hard, try getting to know someone else. Like truly know that person.  It’s another difficult task and we often hear about friends that betrayed themselves after 20+ years of friendship. Is it because of repressed feelings and frustrations? Is it because a low level of self and peer knowledge? We’ll probably never know, but the question remains… Can you … Continue reading Can you truly know someone? – Reblog

The Art of Observing the Others – Reblog

Our assumptions can are not always helpful so I think we need another way to gather information so we can make accurate predictions (because we cannot help ourselves trying to predict things). In my opinion, the best way to do this is through observation. Actually, this is even a “tool” used by researchers to record the outcome of a certain experiment or event. But besides … Continue reading The Art of Observing the Others – Reblog

The Regret of doing things vs The Regret of not doing things – Reblog

   As you might know, I watch a lot of YouTube videos with different kind of successful people and I noticed that a lot of them talk about avoiding regret as a motivation to do things. Because of this, I remembered about a study that targeted the presence or the absence of regret. I want to share again with you the post I wrote about this … Continue reading The Regret of doing things vs The Regret of not doing things – Reblog