How open are you to new ideas?

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Changes are hard, especially the drastic ones. For example, if you’re used with a certain lifestyle, it will be very hard for you to change it. You’ll feel some holdback from your body simply because it gets you out of your comfort zone.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll reject all new ideas, but I bet your mind will start to see the negative parts first, why it can go wrong. I’m sure this is connected to our core beliefs. If our mind is used to think about negative things, it will develop some negative thinking patterns and those patterns will extend to our whole thinking and that’s why we see the negative side first.

The thing is that once we’re in a negative mind patter, it will be very hard to be open to new ideas because our mind will instantly reject them due to the potential negative outcome. The biggest problem here is when an idea has huge positive potential and little negative one because we’ll tend to see the negative side first and we won’t be able to reach to the positive part due do that instant rejection I mentioned earlier.

Just imagine how many great ideas die because of this. Is it fair? Should we lose so much opportunity because of this? No, but that’s how things are sometimes. And it’s all because of some stupid biological piece we have called amygdala, which is our emotion-processing center. Once it’s fired up by some emotion, it takes over our mind and our pre-frontal cortex doesn’t work as it should. It doesn’t use logic anymore to function, instead, it uses the emotion given by the amygdala (I’ve discussed this into more details in my book).

I’m writing this because ideas can change the world and if we sit around in a negative state, we lose to many opportunities to change the world. This isn’t fair neither for us nor for the world, but especially for the world. I believe it’s our moral duty to make the world a better place than we found it.

Which ideas you’ve rejected due to some negative moments of your life?

14 thoughts on “How open are you to new ideas?

  1. I agree. It is our duty to change the world but first let us be open to changing ourselves. We can only change by being open to new ideas and never ashamed to try new things or new ways of living.

    1. I think this is mostly because you need to feel something about what you write. You can’t just write general things and expect to come easy if you don’t have any connection with that.

  2. I friggen hate this. Not your message, that’s good and it’s true. I hate that I am open to new ideas to the extent that I must act in the opposite way that everyone is trying to attain. I am trying to close myself off to new ideas, I must actually complete something. Follow through to the manifestation. I’m like a filtration pipeline, ideas always come and go, I sort through crap and whatever, one mans trash is another man’s treasure. None of it really matters, just as long as there is movement, flow.
    And in this way “I am empty” unless there is something or someone to which I can help facilitate the formation of something. Ugh. *face palm* Haha. I am crystallized, a chrysalis. I am the calm centre in the swirly whirlpool of chaos. So… So what? Nothing. It is what it is. I cannot change any further lest I break and choke on all that inner mental crap I guard against. Ah well, whatevs! 🎠🤠 whether or not, round I go the merry ferry again. Tra-la-lo-pizza art(son)ist.e 🤦‍♀️🤖🦄💩

    1. This sounds more like a focusing issue. I face this all the time. I feel the impulse to act on any new idea which leaves me no time to concentrate on those I’m already working on.

  3. It’s hard for new ideas coming from someone else. I’m likely to think negative thoughts. But if its coming from a trusted source and.with a good manner of approach, I’ll easily.accept. Coming to change.of lifestyle, I always think my lifestyle is good, don’t know how true but I’m likely to rebuff any new idea from someone else.

  4. Ideas on how to go on with my life after being diagnosed with dementia. But I always were a possitive girl and am sort of on track again. I will never give up.

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    1. Never give up! I’m very sorry you have to go through this, but you seem to be very strong and I’m sure you’ll keep it under control.

  5. It depends so much on the presentation – if it’s dogmatic or draconian “You must” that stick up my backside is going to be high up there. I won’t yeild out of sheer stubbornness. Present me with a new idea, and be positive but not forceful about it, and I’ll consider it in a more favorable light.

    I’ve rejected certain political points of view based on how they were crammed down my throat. I’ve ignored my heath because some doctors have been dismissive. Getting validation has been a gsme change.

    1. You posted a great idea here. People tend to be selfish and they might present ideas that are in their own interest. It can be tricky to see the intent behind an idea…

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