61 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 418

  1. I’m going to have to say “Us v. Them”. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine being part of a tribe of so many billion, and it’s much more comfortable to say “Oh, those people aren’t like me, therefore they aren’t part of my grouping.” That’s selling ourselves, and the rest of humanity, short. There are so many beautiful and amazing diversities in our species, that’s part of what is so wondrous about who we are.

    Having said that, there are times when compassion or empathy for someone else’s point of view is not going to serve humanity well. I don’t have to understand other’s religious or political views, but I should respect them. For me the cut off is when those practices start hurting people who cannot protect themselves, particularly children, the elderly and the ill.

    1. I think that the common need to be right all the time is what stops people from accepting that there are so many points of view and that those people have the right to have those points of view.

      1. Because there’s never a 100% guarantee that a human being will be able to be there for you or any of a lot of things. Always leave a little space for in case that trusted person might fail. Also to trust someone with the impossible.
        It is not that I absolutely trust nobody, but a person is and can always be only human.

  2. I will have to say following the crowd. Copying other people. Like someone is into this kind of business, I want to follow that path without finding out if it suits my personality.

  3. Our common mistakes as humans is disobedience. We sometimes fail to hearken to the right counsel, the truth . we let our will, feelings lead us into situations that wasn’t meant for us . we should all learn to listen to the spirit of God , draw close to God cause he’s the truth

      1. Thank God for the holy spirit which is the spirit of truth which has come to teach us all things . we no longer have to be disobedient children anymore but we are led by the spirit to do good works

  4. They don’t communicate very effectively and they don’t try hard enough to get out of their own headspace and try to see things from other people’s point of view.

      1. I think people expect too much from other people because they want them to act or behave according to their personal standards and forgetting that we are all different one way or the other…

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