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The Hand We’ve Been Dealt

I want to finish this series of posts on personality I’ve put together over the past couple of months by giving you an analogy. To first recap, there are five major personality traits: extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, openness and agreeableness. Wherever you lie on the spectrum of each trait – whatever the circumstances that shaped you – this is the hand you’ve been dealt in this … Continue reading The Hand We’ve Been Dealt

How open are you to new ideas?

Changes are hard, especially the drastic ones. For example, if you’re used with a certain lifestyle, it will be very hard for you to change it. You’ll feel some holdback from your body simply because it gets you out of your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean that you’ll reject all new ideas, but I bet your mind will start to see the negative parts first, … Continue reading How open are you to new ideas?

5 Reasons why people lie to themselves

Have you ever heard that saying that people lie to themselves? It’s not like someone wants to do it, but it happens automatically. How often do you think that your inner voice is lying to you? Do you still believe it? How do you know when to believe it or not? This thinking path can lead to low self-confidence. I think that this needs to … Continue reading 5 Reasons why people lie to themselves

Step out of your comfort zone – Video

   This comfort zone is our biggest weakness from my point of view because this is what stops us from going after our dreams. But the funny thing is that dreams are something we don’t have right now so it’s something we’re not used to so it’s out of our comfort zone. Basically, to get somewhere we need to act like we’re already there so … Continue reading Step out of your comfort zone – Video

Can we beat homeostasis?

   This question has been raised by Natalie and I found it to be a very interesting topic to think about. I think about homeostasis just as I think about comfort zone (even though it’s a biological thing like maintaining the temperature, the level of each hormone released, the blood pressure and so on). Here is a definition of it:    “Homeostasis is the state … Continue reading Can we beat homeostasis?