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the self fulfilling prophecy
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Things happen and I often hear that things happen to us. What if we somehow influence most of them? What if when a car breaks down and we blame the universe, it’s actually our fault for not doing its checks more often? What if when we get sick it’s because we haven’t paid enough attention to our health along the way?

Things happen for a reason and sometimes that reason is us. Here is the post I wrote a while ago about the self-fulfilling prophecy.

   This is a term used in psychology for events happening because we’re expecting them.

“A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior.” – Wikipedia

   In simpler words: your predictions will come true because unconsciously you’ll behave in such a way to make those predictions true. The question is: why and when is this happening? It happens because making predictions creates expectations that will create thoughts, feelings and behaviors according to those expectations. So we’ll behave as the things we’re expecting to be real, already are. For example, if you’re thinking that someday your relationship with a close friend of yours will go cold, you’ll act according to that fear doing and saying things that will not upset that person. By starting to do this, you’ll act different than normal and your friend will notice this and he/she’ll probably think that you have a problem with him/her. This will cause that person’s behavior to be adjusted accordingly by reducing the interactions with you so you won’t get upset anymore. You’ll notice this and you’re starting to think that the relationship went cold and you’ll reduce the interactions even more which it will cause the relationship to go cold or even to end. This happened because of you thinking about it and because your thoughts are linked to your behavior, you made it real.

   This can happen when you can directly influence the outcome of your prediction and also when you’re truly believing that it can happen. Obviously, not everything we’re thinking will become real because not everything is on our control and also because we don’t care that much about everything that goes through our minds (Thank God!).

   Can we control it? Yes, we can control it by controlling our thoughts. If we can understand how big of an impact can our thoughts have on our behavior, we can start monitoring and shaping our mind the way we want.

Think Big to be Big!

16 thoughts on “The Self-fulfilling Prophecy – Reblog

  1. How synchronistic. I was just thinking about this point about half and hour ago – around when you would have posted this. Amazing how articulated thoughts can travel around the globe and light up that light bulb above like-minded minds. 🔥😎💡

      1. I was thinking of a blog article idea. A message I’ve said before but haven’t said in a while.. about “What if I told you that every word that was ever said was true? Every single word.” Blah blah. Everything is true and false. When you say something, you bring it into existence. Recognition, not precognition. You know what I mean?
        So… yeah. Pretty freaky and cool. The “synching of minds”. This psyche-phenomena is the kind of stuff that drove me near crazy-crayfish last year.

  2. Do we know what our next thought is gonna be? Can we predict it? I don’t think so. So, that which is neither known nor can be predicted, how can we control it? We may be able to play around with memories (which is thought as we know it) to get the feel of a controller but beyond that, i don’t know.

    1. We can’t predict our thoughts, but we can modify our behaviour based on some ideas we create. And our behaviour will influence that outcome because we already act as if that outcome is real.

  3. I believe we have more control than most of us dare to think we have, and that a lot of personal power gets leached away when we constantly blame others for our problems or just go through the motions from day to day instead of living deliberately with full attention + intention. I also believe, because each of us is part of a larger whole with a potentially infinite number of moving parts, including every other autonomous sentient creature out there, that perhaps equally as much is out of our hands. It’s a co-creative relationship, internal and external energies dancing / blending / flowing together ~ how we perceive and deal with the end product(s) is what makes the difference. That’s how I see it, anyway. Thank you for this thought-provoking post! 🙏

    1. Thank you very much for reading and for sharing your thoughts! We are indeed more powerful than we think we are and each day proves that.

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