24 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 387

  1. I think constructive opinions can provide positive growth whereas destructive critique is just a blow to self-esteem.

      1. I am really not sure… Probably, because nobody likes to feel judged. I think constructive opinions give people the choice to change and if they do change, they do it to better themselves not for others; whereas destructive critiquing tears a person down, making them feel obligated to change immediately, even if such changes may not be good for them.

      1. I believe only the person receiving the info can make that determination depending on where there head is. Personally I believe either one can be helpful if I keep an open mind and don’t take it personally.

      1. It just depends on where the receiver is at the moment. Sometimes people just want to be validated, and sometimes people are open to insight.

  2. Using the literal meaning of the words might help here. Constructive is about building up, destructive is about taking down.
    Intent is important but so is content. If all you are doing is analysing what is wrong with a piece of work without giving any pointers for improvement or highlighting what has worked well then it is likely to be destructive.

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