Do what seeds do: Grow Through Dirt

Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Have you ever thought about yourself as being a seed? Things might look like crap from time to time and maybe you feel that you are buried down deeper and deeper with no way out, but there is a way out: through everything.

Maybe you are in that point of your life when you enjoy almost everything about it. Or maybe you feel stuck in a mediocre life, or it might even be the case where you’re in deep sh*t and you feel like the end is near. Whatever your case is, think about yourself as being a seed. Seeds are buried down and the deeper they go, the stronger they become. Seeds will develop and grow despite of all that sh*t. There are some that grow through solid concrete. Can you imagine how powerful that seed is? The sh*t you’re in right now can make you stronger and the stronger you are, the bigger you can grow.

If you grew, you were a seed. Think about the crap you overcame so far. How hard that was and how endless did that situation seem to be? You managed to pull it through, haven’t you? You’re now stronger than that situation, aren’t you? But maybe life brought you even more crap. Don’t worry and keep pushing. You’ll break through this one as well.

Remember that your situation is not permanent even though it seems like this. The difference is in your mind. You decide what type of future you’ll have. Will it be sorrow all the way or you’ll try to live with it until you are stronger than whatever you need to go through?

I know that it is very easy to say things and it’s harder to do them, but sometimes words can fill our energy level because we know that some of them can bring us down. If words have the power to hurt us, they have the power to help us too, right?

What is the dirt that helped you grow (or that is currently helping you grow)?

29 thoughts on “Do what seeds do: Grow Through Dirt

      1. Exactly! It’s great to nourish the growth of a seed, although for a person it’s not the most pleasant place to be. lol

  1. Very inspiring, I like to look on the positive side of things. I tend to make a joke of my situations, which I think is a defensive mechanism, and a guard against the Mr Hyde that’s deep within me 😊👍

    1. Humor is a great way to approach problems! It creates an instant shift in perspective because it changes the valency of the mind from negative to slightly positive 🙂

  2. I never thought of myself as a seed. I had thought of moments or events in my life as seeds, some that I nurtured and others that I abandoned. Great perspective, per usual. Thanks!

    1. Thank you very much! We’re some of the most important seeds on this earth because we really have the power to change the world! Many people did it!

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