Nature changes your mood

nature and your mood
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Have you ever thought about using nature’s benefits to change the way you feel? And no, I’m not talking about making a tea out of some magical plants or eating some mushrooms. I’m talking about landscapes and walking “freely” in the nature.

This is not something new. I’m sure you all noticed how powerful a sunny day can be for uplifting your mood. Or maybe a rainy day makes you feel complete because you project your inner state into it. But there is more besides the weather. A crying river, a green field or a weird tree can do the trick to rise our eyebrow and maybe our mood.

I always find peace when I take long walks surrounded by trees, sheep and wild poop. And there are lots of YouTube videos with landscapes and wild background thunderstorms or crickets. So why don’t we use this power to uplift our mood before it’s too late? Why don’t we throw ourselves in Mother Nature’s arms more often where we can be alone with our thoughts? It’s because we have no time? No money? No nature?

There is that saying that where there’s a will, there’s a way. But sometimes we need the way to lift our mood so we can find our will. Nature can do that. Put your headphones on, play some thunderstorm symphony and relax (which is easier to be said than done).

All this being said, how do you harvest the power of nature?

22 thoughts on “Nature changes your mood

  1. I’ve been known to go out and dance in the rain (that was especially so when living in the high desert) or spin in the snow, watching it come down. I’ll hug a tree, or watch with amazement as something changes over the seasons. Right now I’m thrilled that my mint survived a hard freeze and is giving the rosemary a run for it’s money.
    What I miss the most is the ocean. Even at my most turbulent times, or those of the sea, I find peace there. Probably has something to do with the hypnotic waves. I feel reconnecting with nature – spotting a hawk, or finding a wee frog in the yard – to be a gift. A positive one. The high winds, not so much.

      1. As often as I remember to. I’m very lucky to be able to go into nature and find something that balances me. Today – walk the grand-dog; maybe wonder at a thunderstorm, and be very, very thankful for antihistamines.

  2. I love the beach, & thankfully (well – deliberately) there’s one within half an hour walk of my house. I see the sea on my drive home from work. I also have a swing in the garden so I can sit out on that & enjoy myself. We’ve got amazon music & dots so I fall asleep listening to ocean sounds. Plenty of nature near me, woods, beaches, fields, nature reserves… feeling blessed.

  3. All good, but also find a volunteer land caring group or a community garden. Go work with them once a month or week. Your hands in the soil are a benison both to you and for the planet. Billions of trees need to be planted.

  4. I love being outside in all seasons except winter. We have a fair amount of woods around us to walk. And I do all I can to spend time walking on a beach. Nature always improves my mood, except COLD.

  5. I take walk for about an hour in the nature and it surely uplifts my mood.
    Have you ever tried binaural beats or subliminals??
    Would like to have your thoughts on these.

  6. I find looking up at the sky and watching the cloud formations, peaceful and uplifting on a bad day. I also like it when I go in my back garden sit down quietly with a good book and then eventually the birds come back in the garden and I watch them in the birdbath.

    Nature is so uplifting and no matter what your problems may be, being close to nature shows you life is still going on around you and that life may actually not be as bad as it seems.

  7. Nature is really amazing. It nurtures us and sustains us in our day to day life.:)

    One way to harvest the power of nature is by sitting on a hammock by the beach and soaking up the beauty a sunset offers. It also helps to enjoy the sea breeze brushing through your skin and enjoying the warm sand between your toes 🙂

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