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  1. Just likes…and no comments?
    Okay, …I`ll start. I fear exams or situations I regard as an exam-like situation. Nevertheless, I have to pass exams.

      1. Although I am usually very successful, I am still afraid of failing. Even if I am successful I think I didn`t earned it. And some day others will notice that I am a conman. I know that it is not true but I feel like this nevertheless – in particular in the event of successes I didn`t invest a lot energy & effort in.

      2. I believe that you gained expertise in some areas of your life so now some things that used to be hard, they are easier now. But it seems that in the end, it is related to your self-esteem…

      3. No doubt. You are absolutely right. I don`t understand myself. No achievement is impressive enough to fill the void. I am absolutely aware of the fact but my intellect doesn`t help at all.

  2. Medicine. I’m a med student and I started this for my parents sake but now I have to keep going & I am capable except that I’m so very scared that if I invest my heart into this and work hard & don’t do well then I’ll end up as a broken mess once again. Medicine scares me in so many different ways.

      1. Everyone else I’m doing med with is very much enthusiastic about it and they’re interested in it whilst I’m pretty much forcing myself to just show up. And my clinical skills are pretty much nonexistent and that scares me because at this point I need to be able to do something but I know nothing. And also the fact that this whole thing rests on interacting with different patients & I’m just terribly awkward around people & I feel like I just don’t connect with people.

      2. Everything is hard before it’s easy. I guess you need to figure out if your state comes from your self-esteem and your social skills or it comes from the fact that you don’t like “med” that much…

  3. I need to work on taking chances or just going for it. Sometimes I fear the outcome when trying something new or following my gut feelings about things. This is why it took so long to publish the second edition of my first book. Life is short and we will never know the outcome if we don’t at least try.

  4. Sending my book manuscript to the agent who requested it at last week’s conference. I decided to act last night and sent it digitally with my query letter. It is in her hands electronically as I write this. Fingers crossed. -Rebecca

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