Build the mindset of a champion – Video

   You all know that Mondays are not always a pleasant view, but they are part of our lives so if we want pleasant lives, we need pleasant Mondays as well. The fact that it is pleasant or not lays in our head, so the switch is up there, we just need the right combination of keys to make it.

   Having the mindset of a champion means that we need to start thinking about us winning. The most important confrontation is the one we have inside us. Our feelings are some tough competitors so in order to push forward we need to be tough as well. We need to go against those feelings that hold us back. We need to push through procrastination and fear to lock the win.

   We might need to let some people go along the way. Not everybody can keep up with us just as we cannot keep up with others. But we cannot improve if we’re not all in because we wait around for some other people. That’s just like trying to win a race whilst waiting for the last one in that race. It just doesn’t make sense.

   I know that there are so many things out there that stops us from going forward to get to wherever we want to, but as you’ll see below, the real blocker is inside. Until we get our mind “right” to receive whatever we want to get, we cannot even see what we can receive. That’s the blocker. If we don’t see it in our mind, we don’t believe.

   Start today whatever it is you want to start because tomorrow might be too late! What do you want to start but you don’t feel ready to do it yet?

17 thoughts on “Build the mindset of a champion – Video

  1. I get Mondays and Tuesdays off every week, so Monday is my weekend. So when people are all hating life on Monday, I am at home chilling in my pj’s. Don’t be jelly. So yeah my Monday’s are quite pleasant for me, I don’t know about anyone else.

    Btw, Great video!

      1. Sorry for the late reply, been busy and not been around my blog much. Haha.

        I start my week on Wednesdays yes. I normally feel refreshed for the new work week ahead after my two days off as long as I take the time I need to relax on those two days. You may not know unless you read my blog posts but I am currently actually very burned out with work. I am on the autism spectrum so trying to work full time in retail can get very challenging at times and I am mentally exhausted more often than not lately. It’s not so bad though I guess I just need more time to myself and down time than others to regroup. When I don’t get down time in my time off than I can be a wreck. Haha. So it depends on the week or day with how I feel, but no matter what I try to go into work everyday. 🙂

  2. My practical take away from this video is your advice to start with Behavior and Environment (BE). This is my ‘BE’ mindset. In other words, does my current behavior and environment match and express an’already have it’ attitude.

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