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  1. I think that ignorance and ego are the biggest problems humanity faces. We’re ignorant one with each other and with this planet as well. And we want to be always right which can create so much negativity around us…

    1. I’m not so sure it’s so much ignorance and ego as it is greed and ego. Those who really take advantage of others are fulfilling their greed and ego by taking and getting away with it. Those who are ignorant can eventually learn and change for the better. Those who are greedy tend not to want to change.

      1. Sure, and the huge ego creates the huge entitlement. That entitlement makes us ignore other aspects so that greed can manifest. I think that all of them are interconnected.

    2. Ego is the most ancient part of us.
      Ignorance… people as a rule are smart in some or other way.
      What is problem, don’t let our passions to spoil The World.
      We need to have collective brain collective understanding.

      For example:
      I played eco-fininancial game.
      There were about six fishing companies of students and one water area.
      We could talk to each other, make agreements and so on.
      After dozen virtual years there was no one fish left.
      Teacher said this game ends always the same way.

  2. Climate change and environmental degradation. I think we tend to forget that nothing we do exists out of the environment. These issues affect all of us – wilder weather is costly, deteriorating food stocks is going to mean hungry people. Drought and rising oceans will displace people. Desperation leads to higher migration and more radicalism while the isolationism to try to prevent all that contributes to conflict. We have the ability and capacity to solve a *lot* of problems given a healthy environment to do it in.

    1. I agree with you. We’re so ignorant in this area. We probably need more pain caused by these climate and environment changes so we can redirect our forces to making this better.

      1. More than just some, I’m afraid… but then that is just the views of an ole hippie… 🙂

        “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mother Teresa

      2. I agree there are some good in humans, more in some than others,,, but most, of not all, of human race’s ( and to some degree other creatures) issues and problems are caused by humanity, or the lack of it… 🙂 I suspect that in history’s past, some of my activities may have contributed to those issues in some small manner perhaps… I cannot speak for the rest of humanity, but here on the path I am presently taking steps to rectify that in hopes that history doesn’t repeat itself.. 🙂

      3. Carbon emissions, wasting energy, food waste, contributing to conflict (USMC Vietnam 1965-1966), etc, etc… not much different than anyone else on the planet earth… 🙂

  3. People not thinking for themselves. So many people seem to blindly believe what they are told, without even questioning why they believe it. It makes them easy to manipulate and creates mob mentality.

  4. Selfishness. Humanity’s biggest problem is the humans. They are selfish. Oh you have nice land, or oh you have oil, so they start wars to take what I want!. Cut down all the trees in the rainforest. We got to get paid! Who cares if they are gone. Not like it’s going to affect me where I live. Selfish. Oh, I see you are hungry or hurting, but I will turn a blind eye to your pain because it makes ME feel bad. Selfish. Wars, destruction of the planet, lack of concern for your fellow man all ties back to selfish ass humans. God isn’t messing with us. It’s not Buddha or Muhammad. It’s people that are walking the plant right now that think if I give you a little (kindness, love, respect, money, food, or anything) then I will have less but the truth is you wind up with more but the selfish people will never know that. If you want to fix the world fix the people..

    1. Have you ever lived in a house with a lot of people? Let’s pretend it’s your job to clean up after five or six others. The other people in the house don’t cook or clean and after awhile even your best housekeeping skills won’t be able to keep up with the mess. The world is the exact same way. When the majority do whatever they want then it makes it impossible for the rest of us to keep things running right.

      1. Not all people. I am angry at selfish, self serving people. I adore those who deserve adoration, but no one will mourn the death of an asshole.

      2. Yes, well when 6 do the mess and only one cleans up, that one is overwhelmed. If all 6 clean the mess they did, it’s easier and it will get clean faster.

  5. Greed? The stupidity that freakin’ money is the best thing in the world (while cats are clearly the best)

    But seriously when are those rich, corrupt morons that rule the world going to realize they cannot eat money? Let’s shoot them to Mars with their bank accounts and nothing else

    1. Yeah, totally agree with you. We live in times when dehumanization is normal, everything goes fast, we are supposed to adapt immediately, figures count more than the person. I’ve been talking about this in my job lately, the administrations ask people to use more and more online services and they see less real people. But the users seek for humans, they want someone to relate to, they Don’t want to “interact” with a cold and feelingless machine.

  6. I agree humanity is a big reason. I see life in everything and I believe that if humanity and kindness was something everyone chose to exhibit everyday, mothers wont have to bury babies where I am from. And Love would be something that held our communities together.

  7. Privacy. Turn off the camera people and do nice things because you are lead to do so, not to gain likes. Stop filming fights, funerals, church services, murders. The camera and the speed of information is humanity’s biggest problem.

    1. I think that money itself are not a problem. How people think about it it’s the problem and what they’re willing to do to get it (except for working hard, of course).

      1. Yes,I agree with you, the pro Ken is not money but how you relate to it. I’m referring to the way relationships are handled, the new management styles, the consumerism, the continuously growing competitivity, the pressure to be productive fast, all the side parts if you see what I mean.

      1. Just started to read your blog–I enjoy it and it does make me think. Didn’t mean to be too snarky. Keep up the good work!

  8. Indifference to the future and fellow man. Ignorance, lack of education or unwillingness to learn and grow. Situational ethics. I could go on but I got to get back to work.

  9. Insensitivity. Pure insensitivity towards everything. The planet, nature, wildlife and people. Each of us is guilty of this vileness. The sooner we realize this mistake and come out of our cozy bubbles, the better the chance of living a fulfilled life.

  10. Humans worshiping other humans. For instance, public figures, who rarely show who they truly are (which i am not against). But for a lot of people, it creates feelings of inadequacy. And then there are people who blindly follow their idols, put them up on a pedestal, consider what they do to be always right and end up being manipulated. Humans weren’t meant to be worshiped.

    1. Humans are the ultimate adapting machine so we’re created to learn and adapt. We can observe and learn from other people, but yes, they are not meant to be worshiped.

  11. The main problem – negotiation between big masses, (and small ones).

    Inability to make agreement and to find consensus.

    So minority will always have a profit from it.

    People are like porcupines. The closer they are, the more hurt each other.

    Paradox: one man is a clever as a rule, many people – a flock.

  12. I would say polarisation. The world seems to be becoming more divided into discrete and mutually exclusive categories that never interact except in hatred and violence. The left treats the right as though they are all heartless monsters; the right treats the left as if they are all dangerous idiots. It’s only by talking to one another, trying to understand the other’s point of view, and realising our commonalities instead of our differences that we can move forward to create something positive.

    1. I have never thought about this, but you’re right. It seems that we fail to use empathy to understand other points of view without getting offended and because of this, we tend to avoid those people and each interaction tends to be negative.

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