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  1. When i got rid of my friend who made fun of me for having a mental illness and told me my medication doesn’t work and said to just get over it since i’ve always been this way and that I just have to accept it… Etc.

    Last week she went abroad and messaged me she wanted to make things right and be friends. I told her to have a good life haven’t talked to her since. (February I think it was)

    1. Some people just don’t get it and it seems to be very easy from their point of view to get over mental problems. And yes, you were very strong and brave to do it and I’m glad you did.

  2. When my employer had me work 8 full time shifts in a row, after I’d been out for a mental breakdown. They put that time on the edge of two pay periods so there was no overtime. I decided I wasn’t going to let them destroy what I’d recovered – worked through it, and then later moved on.

      1. No, I didn’t. It was a HUGE call center for a company that outsourced something like 2000 jobs later on to India. Their stock is below worthless. I wish I’d thought of something really good to do in revenge, but honestly, they’ve hosed themselves enough not to need my help.

  3. Two weeks ago when I finally told a family member how much she’d hurt me. I’d kept my mouth shut for decades because I was afraid of upsetting her.

      1. Predictably. She tried to make me feel guilty. It worked. But I realised a little guilt was a small price to pay for standing up for myself.

  4. Everyday lately, each day there’s a new challenge in my life and I’m learning to press my way through like a bulldozer stuck going in the forward direction, nothing can stop me

      1. Because from that point on all future decisions were about us, instead of me. Because of the responsibility and work and patience and maturity needed immediately. Because I had very little father example to work from and I knew I would be doing it on my own instincts. Accepting and embracing the lifetime commitment that comes along with being a father. Before becoming a father I was a young adult at best. Sometimes still acting like a teenager. But I had to step up and become a young man immediately. And through very hard work and sacrifice I’ve been able to give them opportunities, love and support I didn’t always have. And only now after 3 decades do I realize I had the strength to do it that I worried greatly about at their birth that I didn’t have to pull it off.

  5. Just recently. I have been doing a great deal of self exploration the past couple of years, and it dawned on me that, yes, I’ve had a difficult path in life, but I continue to move forwards, no matter what happens. I have never given up, and I am still a decent person. For so long I have been asking why. Why was I given this hellish road? Then I realized – because I am strong enough to walk it. Rather than breaking me, it made me a better, stronger human being. If I have the strength to walk the road I was given to travel, without turning back, I am stronger than I ever realized.

    1. Wow, yes! When we start searching deep down ourselves, we can realize how many resources are buried there. When there are no places for us to search, we can always deep dive within.

  6. When I stood up to my mother. For the better part of my childhood, all I knew was stress. I am the oldest and had to take on the responsibility of being an adult early. I helped raise my three younger siblings and was looked as a “best friend” to my mother. My father was in and out, due to their volatile relationship, but whenever he was there, my mother had to have control, would get him to let his guard down and then when things fell to the wayside(financial issues) she would blame him. To this very day, my parents are co-dependant on one another. Anyway, once i became married, my mother still tried to bully me into babysitting, she would try to berate my husband indirectly and in her eyes, I wasn’t an adult. Until, she had to live with me and We.had.it.out! Shouting, threats, the whole nine. We sent her back home, and we didn’t talk for a few months but we eventually did. Since then, I don’t let her take advantage of me anymore. If she calls and I don’t feel like hearing drama, I hang up. That’s the advantage of living in FL and she in CT lol

    1. Relationships with our parents can be tough sometimes and after a fight, we feel lots of guilt. The thing is that at the end of the day, we have our life and they have theirs so each has the right to live however each of us wants. With this in mind, I believe we deserve to stand up for our lives and once we do that, we’ll realize how strong we are.

      1. sorry for the late reply, he name is Zach, I think we meant to be friend. He is the only reason that I am alive.

  7. A decade ago, I battled severe depression and attempted suicide twice. I survived coz I found the courage to not go through with it at the last moment. I came out strong to see the light on the other side. I found the best of things that life had to offer after that difficult time. Nothing ruffles me as much now coz I have seen me at my weakest and I have the tools that would help me figure out the solutions each time my mind wages a battle with itself.

    1. When everything shakes, new aspects can be seen. You are very strong because you could stop yourself in that very last moment. As you know, others don’t believe they are that strong and they do go through it. It’s awesome that you’ve searched and you found that light in that very last moment.

      1. Thank you. Many a times validation like these give me extra cushioning against the barrage of negativities my mind forces upon me.

  8. For a long time, I only saw my strength in the rear view mirror. I’ve had many moments that should allow me to answer your question but for each one I’d go through it thinking, “I’m not going to make it.” and I always did. It’s taken most of my adult life to learn to trust myself to get through those moments.

    1. It seems that when we face great obstacles, we might think that we won’t make it and this thought itself messes up with our strength and we still manage to get through it. Just imagine how strong we would be if we don’t limit ourselves with these kind of thoughts.

      1. My thoughts exactly! That’s what’s behind my drive to use a more positive approach in my life and approach challenges more productively. I’m finding the difficult times are easier and I pass through them quicker when I manage my attitude to them better. Though, of course, it’s not always that simple.

  9. When I moved to Dubai at the beginning of the year by myself not knowing anything just to search for a job, and it was a struggle (probably an understatement) on my own! All i had was my phone which kept me sane through communicating with my loved ones back at home but all in all I ended up finding a good job!

  10. When I stood up to my bullying father-in-law who owns the house I live in because he smacked my daughter. I was trembling, but a principle is a principle, no matter who you are.

      1. It’s not so much in his behaviour but in mine. I feel less threatened. I don’t let him affect me as much, because I am walking taller now.

  11. Every day I manage to handle a situation and get past it. Based on my 40 years experience on this planet I can safely say that no matter what happens… Everything will always end up being ok.

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