Successful People – George R. R. Martin

   You probably know this guy. He’s the creator of A Song of Ice and Fire book series after which the TV show Game Of Thrones has been made (you can read more about him here). He has an amazing imagination, which he used to make our lives better by provoking us to enter a world both tough and wonderful.    I find him successful … Continue reading Successful People – George R. R. Martin

Successful People – Tony Robbins

   Tony Robbins is an American author, entrepreneur and one of the most known motivational speakers out there (you can read more about this guy here). His self-help books helped lots of people to go through tough moments. I love about him the fact that he is proud of the life he had so far and he embraced each obstacle he encountered. That’s a winning … Continue reading Successful People – Tony Robbins

Successful People – Casey Neistat

   This guy is an YouTuber and a filmmaker with a very interesting perspective about life and how we should live it. As so many other successful people, he expresses the idea of how important it is for people to be different and to follow their own path without trying to fit in. Actually, this is necessary because without crazy people with crazy ideas, we … Continue reading Successful People – Casey Neistat

Successful People – Peter Dinklage

   You probably know this guy more for his role of Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones (here you can find out more about Peter). I think that he is a successful person because despite his physical deficiencies and despite the hard path he had in life, he knew what he wanted to do with his life and he eventually got there.    In my … Continue reading Successful People – Peter Dinklage

The “Waiting for the right moment” Mistake

   How often have you heard the excuse I’m waiting for the right moment to do that thing? And how often that right moment changes in time so it’s always in the future? I think that the main reason here is fear and the lack of motivation.    It never is a right moment to start pursuing our goals, but if we don’t have something … Continue reading The “Waiting for the right moment” Mistake