65 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 123

    1. How do you believe that someone can get over that fear and move forward despite the fact that he/she might not get there?

  1. Ideal for who? For society? I’ll never be what the rest of the world is, the only way I could do that is by stripping away everything that makes me special and unique and I like my quirks. I personally think I’m already ideal. Does that mean I’m smarter or prettier than everyone else? No, it just means I accept who I am and if this is all I will ever be I’m fine with it because I know I don’t need to do anything to be good enough. We are all good enough, it’s our truth and birthright, but society lies to us and makes us feel bad so they can sell make-up, self help books, booze and cheeseburgers so we can drown our sorrows in.

  2. To me an ideal self is someone who excepts that no one is perfect and focuses on the positives in people instead of the negatives. To become that person I must first get rid of negative thinking! 🙂

  3. First step? Leaving that comfort zone which is always discussing with my focused self!
    I love to optimize myself. I am literally struggling with the “old comfort” and the grown personality of myself which does not want to discuss anymore. No compromises. It’s all about letting things go which stops you from living that life which you are meant to be.

  4. In general: i need to stop referring and introducing myself as ‘nothing’

    In writing: decide in which language i’d like to write (I guess that’s before even getting into some kind of writing coarse that doesn’t exists in my town…)

  5. Accept that I have just one body and one life (religious beliefs aside). I say this because we’re multiple (possibly dissociative idenitty disorder) and would often think that we could each move our own ways, but we can’t. As such, we need to accept that we need to cooperate.

  6. I think it’s really important to MAKE time for yourself and doing the things that make you happy. I feel this is a great way to connect with yourself and just be in the present moment to create your ideal, happy self.

  7. Make a decision to make the change necessary, and that put that change into practice until it becomes a part of who I am. As I live in Portugal now, for me it will be learning the Portuguese language.

  8. First step according to me is being persistent and stubborn! Stick to it with razor sharp focus that even God gets impressed seeing your dedication!!!

  9. To improve my self-esteem! I may need to lose weight to accomplish that – which is sad. Indirectly, my weight makes me feel incompetent at work.

      1. I’m going to start changing the way I eat and taking the kiddo for more stroller rides around the neighborhood.

      1. It’s about how our mindset is affecting our bodies and some ways that might help with this.

      2. I’m from Romania. My plan is to publish it on Amazon as an ebook and maybe paperback. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve wrote ¼ of the content so far.

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