24 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 66

      1. Si-fi, classics, fantasy, self-help, YAs, science books, actually almost anything.. if its well written genre doesn’t matter.

  1. Words. Art. A good conversation(does that count as a thing? I’m not entirely sure)

    Any thing that becomes a source of outlet for me is something I can’t live without.

  2. This is tough because usually I instantly think of something, but if you won’t count people then I’m going to say KPOP. I love the music! It fills me with hope and joy and technical it’s not in my hands, but it’s the most precious thing besides my children.

  3. My pets, and coffee. One because I love having relationships based on trust – the other is because morning is vile.

      1. Oh heck that is a difficult question! I currently am favoring Imagine Dragons, but usually listen to “oldies”.

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