34 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 65

  1. Once I started writing I became less and less impressed with what I read. I have a friend named Rachel who writes fantasies and the world’s she creates always impresses me, but she hasn’t tried publishing them so I can’t share.

    As far as books that are in print I remember Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry made me laugh and cry. As a young girl I didn’t know how I would relate to a group of cowboys, but I quickly found myself being pulled in. Gus was my favorite character, smart and funny. Call, another character had a scene where a man was whipping the son he never claimed and he stands up against the attacker, and you could finally see he cared.

    There was so much weaved throughout and some parts were satisfying and others still make me tear up if I think of them. So instead of thinking about the sad I’ll leave it with the first thing that made me chuckle. Gus had a sign out in front of the farm that read. We don’t rent pigs.

    1. So much content in one comment! I think you might try to convince your friend Rachel to publish her stories since they seem to be very good. Secondly, it seems like a great book! I’ll check it out when I’ll have the time. Thank you! 😀

      1. Oh, I have tried repeatedly to get her to submit, but she fears rejection too much. It’s a shame because her work is wonderful. Thank you for the interesting question.

  2. That is a difficult one… the most recent book that I’ve red and loved is called “the unfortunate importance of beauty” by Amanda Filippachi and it’s both hilarious and thoughts-provoking! My favorite book of all times though is the unbearable lightness of being from Milan Kundera, the dynamics of the main characters are so well described !!!

  3. Always for me it is the last book I read. Just finished Owen Meany and it was captivating. I want to meet all the characters now.

      1. It’s a self empowerment book. It teaches how one should take on life’s challenges differently and also how one should never give in to situations

    1. I’ve never read the book, but I took a leadership course through work built around the premise of Who Moved My Cheese. There was a very cheesy movie that went along with it, pun intended 😃

  4. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson! A hilarious and serious autobiography about living with mental illnesses. I just loved the writing style and her stories. The book really made me rethink my life and how to create a reservoir of Happy on the bad days.

  5. Until now, it’s Jane Eyre. I learnt the importance of Self-respect, and the satisfaction that arises from respecting your own soul.

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