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Why To Be Successful You Should Stay Away From Crabs

Do you know that if you put a crab in a bucket, it can run away, but if you put together a group of crabs in a bucket, none of them can escape, because as soon as one will start climbing, another will reach it, grab it and pull it down? Some people are like those crabs. They push you down, while others pull you … Continue reading Why To Be Successful You Should Stay Away From Crabs

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Podcast Episode 12: On Trying New Things

When Todd Fulginiti recently published a post There is Try: Why Yoda Was Wrong it made me want to know more about whether he’s always been open to trying new things and if there is something or someone that inspires that cycle of resilience. Luckily we were able to talk about all that and more in this latest Wise & Shine podcast: Episode 12: On … Continue reading Podcast Episode 12: On Trying New Things

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Are You Ready for the Job of the Future?

Nowadays, we see that a lot of jobs no longer exist in the market, or they are about to disappear. If they do not disappear, they will change tremendously. In the future, there will be more people that are self-employed than employees. Flexibility and life-long training will be more and more needed as it will be necessary to switch from a competence to another one, … Continue reading Are You Ready for the Job of the Future?

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Becoming an Agile Person

Linkedin defines a person as agile when they have a positive attitude, resilience and are open to changes/transformations in processes, structures or relationships. One interpretation of an agile person is that it is a self-management concept consisting of three main attributes: adaptability, proactivity, and resilience.  The profile of an agile person, then, is someone who is: 1. Adaptive – able to adjust to different conditions … Continue reading Becoming an Agile Person


Helping People Becoming Resilient

To help people becoming resilient, we shall first have a look at the meaning of resilience. Let’s see the etymology of the word as it is found on the Merriam-Webster: resilience 1 : the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress 2 : an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or … Continue reading Helping People Becoming Resilient